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Reverend Al Sharpton Will Be Leading Education For Low-Income Students Workshop With Macy's

New York -- Reverend Al Sharpton will join Education for a Better America and College Summit for a speech about low-income youth high school students across New York City about future career choices at an assembly located at the Humanities & the Arts Magnet High School.  A keynote speech will be giving to address the Career Awareness Assembly for students to make a connection with attending college or achieving life goals.  In addition to the speech and career readiness workshops, Macy representatives will facilitate a "Dress for Success" workshop to show students how to dress for job interviews and networking events.

According to the report released by the National Action Network (NAN), the President and Founder, Reverend Sharpton will shine the light on opportunities and challenges facing low-income students today.  Statistics shows that only 9 percent of low-income students complete college, but by 2020, 65 percent of all jobs will require a college degree.


LL Cool J Will Return To Host The 58th Annual Grammy Awards In February 2016

Santa Monica, California --  It has been announced that LL Cool J, the entertainment Icon and two-time GRAMMY winner, will return to host the 58th Annual Grammy Awards.  This will mark LL Cool J's fifth consecutive year as the master of ceremonies.  The 58th annual GRAMMY Awards will be presented at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, and is one of Music's Biggest Night broadcasted live on CBS, February 15, 2016, from 8 - 11:30 pm.

Although the performances have not been announced.  LL COOL J stated, "The performances and moments that take place on the GRAMMY stage are awesome in so many ways for the audience and artists alike."  "I'm honored once again to host Music's Biggest Night as we celebrate the talented music creators of today.  It's going to be an incredible night and I'm excited to share this experience with the world."

The 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards, according to the release, will be produced by AEB Ehrlich Ventures for The Recordi…

The New York Association Of Black Journalists (NYABJ) Will Host Their 3rd Annual Holiday Party And Toy Drive Today

Photo Credit:  NYABJ
The New York Association for Black Journalist (NYABJ) will be hosting thier 3rd Annual Toy Drive today at the Clyde Frazier Wine & Dine, located at 485 10th Avenue (between 37th and 38th Streets), NYC, between 6:30 pm to 10 pm.  NYABJ is a network of media professionals that advocate change on behalf of Black Journalist in the New York Metro Area.  The advocates provide quality training programs for upcoming journalist and personalized educated journalist (like myself) with the opportunity to explore specialized knowledge to provide quality service journalism.  
Today the New York Knicks legend Walt "Clyde" Frazier will donate gifts to New York Youths from the Harlem Community as a way of celebrating the Christmas holidays with a unique style to a wine and dine premier sports-themed restuarant/bar/lounge themed for Basketball players.  All Walt "Clyde" Frazier Fans are welcome to attend to boost the signature brand of creative style and Me…

Mayor Baraka Delivers Magic To The Newark Youth At The 30th Annual Holiday Tree-Lighting Ceremony

Photo Credit:  @filthyrich2011

The Newark Youth celebrated the kick off of holiday celebration with the gift of magic and beauty as all stood in front of City Hall's Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.  Brick City youth, young butterflies that have just opened up their wings, black hair symbolism, and the faces of all City of Newark dignitaries joined Mayor Baraka to watch and take pictures with Santa & Mrs. Claus.

For the rest of the Christmas Season, the City of Newark will be exhibiting a Holiday House in the City Hall basement with pre-made children's crafts, starting now, December 7, 2015, and throughout the month of December.  Stop by and support Mayor Baraka for the Menorah Lighting and Program, Tuesday, December 8th at 4 pm, located City Hall, 920 Broad Street, Newark, NJ.

On December 19th, between 4 pm through 7 pm, the City of Newark will hold its Newark Recereation Holiday Concert at the JFK Recreation Center, located at 211 W. Kinney Street, for all Newark…

The Air Jordan 6 Retro Maroon Is Out!

Photo Credit:  Nike

It's true!  The New Improved Air Jordan 6 Retro Maroon is out and the 1991 predecessor is better than ever just before Christmas.   The new Nike Airs dropped today at $220 a pair.  And guess what? You did not have to look for them at the world famous SnickerCon.  As the diverse crowd of men  and women lined up early this morning to guarantee their size, approximately $4,400 dollars has been guaranteed to the City of Newark's economy.

Although everyone in line at 6:30 am this morning was willing to conversate with the reporter, no one was willing to pose for a picture due to the possibility of active warrants owed to the Sheriff department.  Funny!

The New York Elite Launches Their First Fashion & Retail Network Event At The "Beautique"

Coco Channel's Legacy Stands Strong At The "Beautique Restaurant" In Manhattan, NY 
Menu Link:

Coco Channel was a legendary Fashion Designer for her trademarked suits and little black dress during the Civil Rights Movement and Equality for all era.  Fashion and Identity as it relates to social justice possessed three distinct stages spearheaded by political evolution.  The first stage was the establishment of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People who were attacked for equality under the law.  The second stage began after the legacy of Coco Channel and it was to concentrate on equality of opportunity, including restaurants, which established the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  And the third stage was to press for proportional equality.  Since slavery ended in the United States, African Americans continued to be singled out for discriminatory treatment and language became pass…

Go Doctorate Go Media's Hot Pick's

What is a Social Justice Journalist?  Why is a Social Justice Journalist so curious?  In today's society that has been absorbed with Contemporary Marxism, the journalist must continue to research new ways to understand social justice and how it relates to a new dialectical view of social transformation.  Stories involving crime, police repression, the penal system, human and civil rights, welfare and education, ethnic and gender relations, immigration issues, and inequalities forces a material interpretation of ideas stemmed from the Bible.  The Black Church and the African American Movement continues to redesign the language the church actively seeks to improve urban communities today.  Providing a safe environment for the church around issues of gang violence in the same way that ended slavery is a constant battle of faith and constant hope for Christian and Civil Rights Leaders.  Although the words of Dr. Martin Luther King continue to reproduce songs formerly recognized of sl…

What Is A Nubian Journalist And Why Speak Out About What Social Justice Looks Like....?

Denise Fitzgerald, Media Founder of Go Doctorate Go was once a victim of social injustice and decided to join the New York Association of Black Journalist to make a difference to the protest of assertions in the interpretation of Nubian language as it relates to Social Justice issues.  As a Social Media Public Relations Community Newswire Journalist, Denise Fitzgerald got here start 8 months ago to drive her idea from her Fans of Go Doctorate Go on  Several press releases were sent out announcing launches to her appearance at several events as a new avenue to assert her differences on subjects that define her in negotiating her identity and language as a writer.  There are many articles that have contributed to the meaning of "Black Voices" as it relates to the "Black Church" and why oppression is an action plan for radical change to stop incitements of hatred towards her.  As Denise Fitzgerald continues her journey, her plans is to continue to work …

Parents, Teachers, And Media Come Out To Support Golden Magazine 5th Kids Runway For A Cause Event In NYC

The new publication of Golden Magazine is coming to the shelf on November 1, 2015.  The photos are a few examples of the "Runway For Children" business model featuring children ages 3-13 years old providing the latest designers, performers, and inspiring stories.  Golden Magazine's readers consist of the modern family that is sophisticated with content that covers fashion, hair health, health, food, travel, education, entertainment, and culture.   Golden magazine also offers advertising opportunities in 2 issued publications in March and October.  Some of the past events that Golden Magazine covered were "Kids Rock" "DopNerds - Sporty vs Nerdy Fashion Show" "ENK Children's Club" "Summer Mini Sessions-Outdoors" "Philadelphia Kids Fashion Week" "A Golden Day in Harlem" "Fashion Kids Philanthropy" "Zolie Zi 'Breaking The Silence" Anti-Bullying campaign, the "ENK Children's Club…

Who Is Kayciblu?

Kayciblu "Swagg On A Million"

What do you do when you are in an elevator and you have 2 minutes to introduce yourself to someone?  Well for a virtual communicator it is YouTube It!  Kayciblu is her name and her Revolution is a Necessary one!  Not even in High School Kayciblu already knows how to engage the audiene with her "Swag" and her method to introduce different ideas for flawless capabilities.

Imagine for moment that you are a CEO of a major corporation and a rapidly growing business penetrates your ear.  You then learn after opening up the story about that business that a larger network existed beyond the Bubble.  You say, "But there is plenty of rappers and videos in the market today...." then you say, "But even with all of the name brands in the industry, why should I buy yours....." then you say, "But politics are so complex to the point where it drives our language today?"  And, after reflecting on all of the conversations…

JR Castro Stopped By The Red Carpet At The Circle Of Sisters 2015 Over The Weekend

License: All Rights Reserved - Source: @filthyrich2011/GoDoctorateGo

JR Castro showed love for Go Doctorate Go Media at the Circle Of Sisters 2015, Red Carpet Event, at the Jacob K. Javits Center, NYC over the weekend.  The minute JR Castro walked into the room a presence of stardom struck everyone watching including myself.  JR Castro in case all of you readers do not know, is 100 mph speed to Super Stardom.  His artistic endeavors were influenced by his Father, stemming from the trajectories of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Midnight Star, The Commodores, and none other than "Prince."

The question to ponder here is "Why Attend The Circle Of Sisters 2015 Expo?  Well, JR Castro is a successful SEO Entrepreneur, Father/Singer/Songwriter, from Las Vegas, who shared his business model with the people.  JR Castro's hit single and video "Get Home" and now brand new off the press "That Shit Go (Up-Down)"by Global Entertainment can be visited at…

Circle Of Sisters 2015 Red Carpet Discussion With GRAMMY Award-Winning Record-Label Executive/Professor "Mathew Knowles"

License: All Rights Reserved - Source: @filthyrich2011/GoDoctorateGo

Mathew Knowles is a Grammy Award-Winning Record-Label Executive Giant in the Music industry.  What the public does not know about Mr. Knowles is that he expresses a passion to share his business model with others in the industry as a professor, and an Executive (Veteran) to offer Bootcamp Workshops called "The Entertainment Industry: How Do I Get In?"  Mr. Knowles personally stopped by the Circle of Sisters 2015 Red Carpet Table to speak to the media about being ready at all times in the industry.  
But, what the readers do not know is that Mathew Knowles is an on the spot Executive ready to hear your elevator 2 minute pitch.  He also announced that his daughter, "Beyonce" was born on September 4, 1981.  The message stated that complexity is simplified when the thought sketches a "World Famous" Brand.   
For all you hunters that are ready to go to "Boot Camp," please visit Mr. Ma…

Update: Circle of Sisters 2015 Expo, Red Carpet Event featuring "Diggy Simmons"

License: All Rights Reserved - Source: @filthyrich2011/GoDoctorateGo

Dear Fans,
Due to an influx in internet usage at the Circle of Sisters 2015, Red Carpet Event, Diggy Simmons (photo) the nephew of Russell Simmons, cofounder of Def Jam Records and son of Joseph "Rev. Run" Simmons of Run DMC, an update correction has been made to the photo caption of Diggy Simmons ( as he is described within the photo as the son of Russell Simons.  From the source, it has been announced that possible collaborations might be underway between DJ Khaled and Diggy, new music beginnings for the Atlantic Records singer, who has also launched his own line of urban sneakers called "Chivalrous Culture" can be found at  
Diggy's new hit single "Fakin" (featuring Ty Dolla $ign & Omarion) can be found on iTunes.  Also, to date, for the ladies Diggy Simmons is also on Tour for the 2015-2016 season and will b…

2015 Circle of Sister Presents AARP And A List Of Major Players To The Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

Photo:  Circle of Sisters Expo, used with permission by Emmis NY

If you have not already purchased your ticket to the 2015 Circle of Sisters (COS) Exposition this weekend, then you have less than 20 hours left to take advantage of the 50% off the ticketed price at  Also, this year if you already purchased your ticket(s) to Circle of Sisters R&B Live Event at Madison Square Garden, sponsored by, with performers, Chaka Khan, Tamar Braxton, and Capitol Artist, Avant the 2015 Circle of Sisters Exposition is FREE.  Tickets for the R&B Live Event are still on sale at

The Circle of Sisters Expo 2015 has major players that have partnered to present by AARP, and in association with COBA (City Of New York Correction) and AT&T Mobility's sea of events and vendors for all attendees this year.  Emmys Communication, WBLS FM 107.5, WLIB AM 1190, and HOT 97 97.1, are all New York City African American Radio Stations that …

How Often Do You Mix Your Knowledge To Incorporate Organizational Achievement?

Catalyst Network Foundation Inc.
A Meeting of the Minds
"Sports Industry: Black & Latin Athlete | Black & Latin Professional"

Wednesday, October 21st | 6:00 - 9:00pm
KATRA Lounge: 217 Bowery, New York, NY

2 for 1 Drink Specials 

In today's society networking takes on a different form for professionals in the journalism field of shaping their careers to inspire pursuit.  Panel discussions after work or during a workshop is a new non-profit education initiative to enrich and develop professionals in their career mission recognized by proclamation.  Mixing Knowledge today to incorporate organizational achievement means to drive politics using the fundamentals of management to connect all walks of life to assist with academic ambition.

The Catalyst Network Foundation Inc., a non-profit education initiative (501(c)(3) organization drives organizations based out of Washington, D.C. and New York City to focus their time and efforts to special projects that benefits S…

Why Fire And Safety Interests?

The City of Newark will be honoring their Regional First Responders tonight at 7 pm at the St. Lucy's Church, 118 7th Avenue, Newark, NJ in a special Mass session.  The Annual Novena Mass for First Responders is a special mass dedication for City and Regional police, fire, and medical emergency response agencies that invite dignitaries to speak about the selfless acts contributions under the name of God for the safety and well-being of others.  The church, St. Lucy's Church is located in the Central Ward of Newark and is surrounded by Parish stories of the Old First Ward where a gathering place for Newark Italian diaspora once worshipped.  Although a Special Mass is being held tonight along with Police Director Eugene Venable, Police Chief Anthony Campos, Fire Director James G. Stewart, and Fire Chief John G. Centanni Jr, tours are offered of the Mezzogiorno by appointment.

This years Mass will honor Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Technicians from Newark, Essex County, a…

"A Life Beyond The Bubble" ~ Radical Street Stories of Go Doctorate Go

Today College students are planning their Families based around Personal Finance.  What happened?  #ItsNecessary!  According to Kayo Bracey, dreams and how individuals work together with organizations to sustain a world focused upon the next graduate is a regenerative society today!

We are the only one!

We Value Treasures!

We Embrace Variety To Build Our Communities!

We Are The Global Village!

So how do we stir our thinking and our focus into the situation of today?  Who will think for us if we do not?  Who will think differently?  Who will help us find our way?  In order to attack the problem, a call to action has to be made to address social and environmental problems for short-term relief.  Yes, preserving status quo is a digital divide to drive new technologies, but what about the way of living? What about the ultimate economic system to create a new way of living of organizations and societies?

Time to get Financially Educated!  Time to get Organized inside of your Bubble!  Mak…

Media That Matters! The Aftermath Of South Carolina

Video by:  Brittany Tedder   Titled:  "Pray For South Carolina - SC Flood"

Taking the time to create media for the public to view is a call to action.  When will you get into the movement and make a change for someone?  The storm is over, but the journey is long after and not forgotten ~ like a scar.

When Perils occur after a storm.  Advocacy begins.  Why?  Because sustainability is part of a business strategy that forms management teams to exchange ideas during a crisis.  Conversations, predictions, and advocating to drive a specific force for infrastructural changes leads to big problems for companies and governments to solve.  Forward-thinking strategies start from immediate actions taken by the media seeking help for the public.  The challenge of climate change is to produce moral/personal funding-stories that delivers simple action to bring balance to the debate.

South Carolina is in need of your help!  It was impossible to help during the storm/floods.  But now that …

Lucas B x Dem Dreadheads - "Friday"

Today Or Tomorrow's Visual?

Video stories that perform will usually fall within the four quadrants of a shareholders value to maximize thinking.  Today the visual in the story is about Reputation and Legitimacy.  Growth is determined by the "Kodak" "The Voice" and the "Digital Technology" used to illustrate how today's business is compared to yesterday's mogul ~ Sean Combs.

Experience the dot~com era!  This one is paid!

Challenge the writer and the writer will deliver the message!

What Happened Before The Talk With Another?

Photo Credits:  Go Doctorate Go Media
The Name of the Social Media Project That Will Be Introduced To My Family Members In Louisiana For The Harvest Is:  "A Life Beyond The Bubble" ~ Street Stories Outside of the Parish where immigrants do not exist, where free blacks are unknown to City Life, where the world to act is contained inside of a "Bubble" of dysfunctions to create stories the effect tears of despair and letters to draw calls to action for another life lost outside of the "Bubble" of existence.
The question here is "How do you change culture?  Do you tailor culture to the actions that are unique to your situations?  Or do you pretend that your cultural ideas, tools and methods offer comprehensive answers to the often point of "death" for other resources to help and learn as you provide forward-thinking strategies.
In the picture another Black man has lost a loved one and can not function outside of his "Bubble" of exist…

#ItsNecessary - Kayo's Journey

A journey for the works of delivering a message to an audience is a creative process using learning techniques of thought.  No matter how many stumbling blocks come one's way, one's vision must produce results for what is happening tomorrow.  But I am always working?  My feet hurt?  I do not feel like.....?

Bring a reality to vision is seeing what is effective and what is not effective to gaining insights to a basic idea.  Grasp your talent and distinguish what features of that talent is successful as a entrepreneur, mastery of practice, exemplar, or creator.  And most importantly, accomplish something using a constant dialog even if you do not have all of the Answers!

So what there was name calling, learning is making it REAL!

Subscribe to the stream!

New York Association For Black Journalist First Take Student Journalism Workshop Opportunity

Photo Credits:  @filthyrich2011
The New York Association of Black Journalists (NYABJ) is still looking for High School Students in grade levels 9-12 who are interested in journalism today.  A 8 week course is offered to students interested in Newspapers, Magazines, Print Media, Television, Radio, Broadcast Media, Websites, Interactivity, Multimedia, Photojournalism, or Visual Media.  All that is needed is a brief description of yourself along with what your interest are in news and how your goals will describe "Your Story" today.  You must provide Two story ideas during the workshop and be expected to report on an event, topic or issue of interest happening within your own community, school or immediate environment.  Your ideas you "pitch" must involve people that are realistic.  If you have a web link connected to a story to be told attach that link to the application.  The workshop program is accepting 20 students from the New York Metro Region Area with the str…

Have Abortions Become A "Technological Breakthrough" To Steal Body Parts Today Or Are Little Girls Belt Buckles To Men?

Photo Credit By:  @filthyrich2011

Since 1980, a woman's right to chose began before the Department of Motor Vehicle credentialed the bus rider.  Choice and secrets are just that!  Emotions and a Woman's Choice is faced with multiple Civil Rights decisions that subject the right to privacy, dignity, and confidentiality a fundamental solutions that is reinforced by pressures for more quick fixes~like funding Planned Parenthood.  Addressing the problem to choice today using Congress could lead to a repeal issue that shifts the burden onto someone else~"the parent."  Why not start to make serious investments for the next generation of individuals that are primarily ready to perform like a well made car?

Seeing your choices from a traditional stand point of neglect to design policies and oversight to a faced "sexologist" private session matter is to begin to establish what Slavery redesigned when the "Union" was addressed with reputations of the &quo…

What Exist In A Bubble Battle?

On May 13, 2015, the very first press release hit the stream of engagement for Go Doctorate Go (Media).  A radical change of stories from various organizations, celebrities, entrepreneurs, politicians, breakthroughs, and social issues penetrated the business market to drive thought with life is beyond the "Bubble."  The launch focused on aggressive personal values of social techniques that lead to the passing of laws in legislation generated from "What's Your Story?"  That story of the future to self-preserve "life" as you know it and how it effected what was written by others generated calls-to-actions in the world of a necessary business market.

The unique responses to setting Go Doctorate Go's context or setting as it relates to "The American Way," to serve today's economy is only the beginning to setting another chapter tailored around more action to a unique situation.  The methods used by others were interesting to how one in…

The Great New York State Fair Continue Through Labor Day Weekend

Governor Cuomo announced that the Great New York State Fair, which is a 12 day celebration in Syracuse, New York will be continuing through Labor Day Weekend.  There will be exhibits, rides, food, and New York agriculture all valued at $1.  That's right!  Admission is $1 dollar to enjoy free concerts and featured acts through out the weekend.
Governor Cuomo stated, "With this year's Great New York State Fair coming to a close, I encourage everyone to make the trip this Labor Day weekend to see the very best the Empire State has to offer." "New Yorkers and visitors alike will enjoy this long-treasured tradition that encompasses the very best of New York."
Also included for the $1 dollar feature will be the rides on the Wade Shows Midway from 2014.  Unfortunately, fair parking will not be $1 dollar, the cost for parking is $5 dollars.  In addition to the great $1 dollar deals on admission and rides, the New York State Fair will include a special parade and a…

Sharpton Entertainment Features Urban Swimwear by Abea Evans At The 10th Annual "Put On For Peace" Event In Harlem, NY

Photo Credit By: GoDoctorateGo

Abea Evans graduated from the Drexel University, Westphal, College of Media Arts & Design with a Masters of Science in 2014.  Her unique urban style that was driven from research of the African American influence has landed her into a market of Fashion Designs for Harlem Weeks Society & Culture in front of the Harlem State Building yesterday.  Abea's collections have inspired children to cast their modeling skills into reality.  This entrepreneur prints are a textile developed from the choir lace wing of a butterfly.  Gorgeously designed to culture the shape of a Black woman today.

Abea's designs can be most understood by visiting: (blog view)

Media Contact:  Denise Fitzgerald
                           315 Madison Ave…

7th Annual Manhattan Young Democrats~~Get It Done Event At The Legendary Up&Down Club

Photo Credit by: @filthyrich2011

Strategist, Kate Kane with the Hillary Clinton Campaign speaks to the crowd of 700 Manhattan Young Democrats on Thursday, August 27, 2015.  The event was held at the New York Hot Spot the "Up & Down Club" to celebrate the success of Manhattan Young Democrats between the ages of 18 to 36 years of age.  Although the event was a party for supporters, the supports for Hillary Clinton were joined by Guest of a Guest Photography, Go Doctorate Go Media, and legendary DJ Phresh.

The 2015 Leaders under 35" were honored:

Ken Biberaj, Chairman & Manhattan's Chamber of Commerce

Eunic Ortiz, President of Stonewall & Director of Online Communications at 1199 SEIU

Alex Gleason, Policy Associate for New York Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO

Andrew  Gounardes, Counsel, Brooklyn Borough

Kat Kane (above), Senior Writer & Creative Strategist, Hillary For America

Special Guest (below) appearanced to support the Manhattan Young Democrats with g…

Is This Harrison At The Grisly Pear In NYC?

Photo Credit By:  Corey Melton

The Brown Paper Bag Event supported the Child & Human Rights Campaign with donations on Thursday, August 27, 2015 at The Grisly Pear in the East Village of New York City & the NYU Students.  The comedian Harrison Greenbaum delivered a unique combination of stand-up comedy while integrated thought to the message to make the audience laugh and drink.  While threaten on stage by an audience member, Harrison reminded us why #MagicLivesMatter just before that audience member was bounced outside the club.  Hilarious!  Selfie sticks were the necessary revolution today to collect and collaborate numbers and not pictures, and why money divided in half will reappear when you match up the serial number after the magic ended!  Thought-provoked magic was delivered and Harrison does it well!

From colleges to comedy clubs (like "Caroline's On Broadway), Harrison is a talented comedian that appreciates English and the price is right if you can keep up…

Beauty Is A Transformation Process As A Child Grows And Fashion Is A Belief That Drives Excitement To Attend The New York Fashion Week!

New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 #NYFWLIVE / #NYFW
Next month marks the greatest moment in any boy or girls life when the stage of fashion illuminates the room in adult form.  Some of the hottest designers in the world will present their products to NYC Socialites, Ivy Leaguers, Executives, Celebrities, Judges, and the Christian Ministry world.  The 2016 Spring/Summer New York Fashion Week begins Thursday, September 10, 2015, however, the 60 foot catwalk runway ticketed event is on September 12, 2015, live at the City of New York at 7pm.  To date there are 35 celebrity guests, and 17 sponsors.  The most wanted brands of this years menu starts out with Julian MacDonald, Burberry, Christian Dior, Stella McCartney, Armani Prive, John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Misha Nonoo, and J W Anderson, huh breathe taking anticipation.  If you are waiting to exhale in the month of September, make sure you purchase the ticket of the year and receive royalty through the transformation of bea…

Rexdale W. Henry: Native American Activist Found Dead In Miss. Jail | News One

Thoughts Shared On Activism Rexdale W. Henry: Native American Activist Found Dead In Miss. Jail | News One

My father too was a Black Choctaw from Mississippi.  Neshoba County, Mississippi has so much tension for Activist that during my father's era, his mother altered his birth record to save his life.  This story raises an Action Alert to tell Congress that "The End Racial Profiling Act" must be addressed and practiced into law.  Integrity is necessary and a right for Native Americans today.  Discriminatory practices breed hate within a system to enforce safety and justice.  When the "law" hates and began targeting people of color, fear and deadly consequences occur.

Contact your U.S. Senators and Members of the House of Representatives and ask the to co-sponor S.1038 / H.R. 2581 the "End Racial Profiling Act".   The U.S. Capitol Switchboard is:


Fundraising Event: "The Second Annual Black Ivy League Gala"

How often do you give back to your community after becoming the epitome of excellence?  Executives in large companies often ask when contributing to change, "How can I help you better to understand innovation?'  Why this analysis?  To come up with better ideas to improve concepts and partners.  In order to protect new and radically different businesses, the main part must have a disruptive thought.  A disruptive revolution or participants with assumptions that developing new products, services, or lines of business sparks transformation in their own business to revolutionize change.  The unthinkable innovative challenge!

Tomorrow is the Second Annual Black Ivy League Multi-School Fundraising Gala Event at 135 W 41st Street, New York, NY 10036.  Many Celebrity Guest Honorees, Gala Host Committees, Gift Bag & Raffle Sponsors, and Community Partners will come together to confront innovation challenges facing their companies for future financial programs outside of their org…

R. Kelly Special Guest Floetry

The Black Panties Tour will be held at The Prudential Center on Saturday, July 18, 2015 at 8 pm.  Robert Sylvester Kelly (R. Kelly) is most known for his work in The Black Church at the age of 8 years old, and is a professional American singer/songwriter, record producer, and rapper of today.  R. Kelly is best known in the Church for his words in the lyric "I Believe I Can Fly,"in which he won 3 Grammy Awards for in the past.
Although R. Kelly has won his legal problems in the past, the problem-solver created changes in his music to tell stories using movies that mattered within the Black Community.  R. Kelly brilliantly regenerated society from criminal justice to achieve the category of entertainment of thought required to inspire imagination using a small amount of humility in his songs.  The genuine vision that exists in R. Kelly's concerts today is a creative process to dance with people by telling the truth about what exists now.  The song "Happy People"…

Are We The People Making Sense Of Our Financial Interest Today?

Truth-telling begins with helping people see what type of reality exist in their world.  Most Westerners have a Christian believe that "the truth shall set you free."  But does that same cultural wisdom exist amongst the non-Westerner?
The National Action Network identifies with strategies geared around Civil Rights issues (disobedience) that is patterned in a non-violent method using liberals and conservatives to advance their agenda of practical change in the 21st Century.  Even I inspire to offer wisdom by engaging the Facebook audience from time to time with Spiritual Principles or Revolutionary Strategies to promote  language awareness.  Improving educational opportunities today leads to traditional cultural applications geared towards confronting global sustainability as a challenge.  Yes, there are social inequalities where one might perceive the Rich garbage from the Poor garbage, but the challenge is to develop a Superior Thought piece that eliminates the scope of …

The Sponsors at the 2015 FREE BET Fan Fest Are Stepping Out In Style This Year

The 2015 FREE BET Fan Fest will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Saturday, June 27th and Sunday, June 28th during the 2015 BET Experience weekend.  The Sponsors of this event are stepping out in style this year with all Live Presentations.  Coco-Cola, a registered trademark, is one of the sponsors that will be returning with host, Chris Bivins, to deliver the Coca-Cola Flava Zone.  Also, an action packed taste of the hottest trends on the market in music, art, and performances will be powered by

What does this mean for the BET Fans?

It means that an opportunity has opened for The Fan" to personalize their experience this year with a Coca-cola can featuring their name to celebrate and inspire "Share a Coke" moment.  And that's not all "106 & Park" will also stage this experience with Fans as a Sponsor involving your experience with names, packages, and innovative ways to share.

In the line up of Sponsors besides Coca-Cola and &qu…

White Supremacy Or The Black Church?


When clicking onto the link above decide whether you are threatened or safe from the conversation of "The White Supremacist."  What is the origins of White Supremacy?  What does the noun mean to Black society?  According to web defined "White Supremacy" is a person, place, or thing states:

the belief that white people are superior to those of all other races, especially the black race, and should therefore dominate society.

Let's reflect upon the Institution of Slavery shall we?  Does this definition fit into today's society.  Let's embrace what this young man's views of his culture, his self-preservation, his paradigm, his perspective, is input!  Is the Black race a threat to the White man's private dinner table discussions?  Promoting race and culture is an art that is dated, not transformed from supremacy, therefore when fighting for your rights or freedom today decide what is important to your cultural existence.  …

I Didn't Understand The Sounds?

Nature! Energy! Food! Materials! Variety! Social Well-Being! And Then There Is You?

Life in the real world today is a trial Age Bubble that violates our world and how we recognize the order of our path taken in society.  Let's reflect back for a minute on the issues at hand and how and why the above elements controlled 2 billion years of life as it flourished to maintain sustainability in an unstable world.  In order to generate light we must have what?  Sun - solar radiation today - as source of energy that is earth-based and not industrial.  That same energy from Nature is then used within the Bubble Industry to do what?

Next, what is the most important thing besides the Sun and probably fossil fuel?  Food!  Although food is rarely a local commodity, we must travel or import/export the product that genetically helps us to survive to do what?  Preserve it!  Why?  Food can not survive without Materials from our natural system so it again creates another Bubble in the Industry o…

THIS IS THE CHRONICLES OF EFREM: YESSSSSS! Stephanie Mills Cast In NBC's Reboot Of ...

THIS IS THE CHRONICLES OF EFREM: YESSSSSS! Stephanie Mills Cast In NBC's Reboot Of ...: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!   YESSSSSS! Stephanie Mills Cast In NBC's Reboot Of "The Wiz" Here’s some new news about NBC...

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