Who Is The Next New York Public Relations Personality?

In case you have not notice the prior blogs.  I capture stories that are built around Award winning Producers and Radio Personalities.  One might ask why the field of social media public relations?  And the response for this blogger is the Voice and Experience!  My story is simple!  Social Purpose!  Running a Social Purpose Business is to Engage, Engage, Engage with your Fans that are active on social media sites for the purpose of building a platform of social awareness.  Becoming popular is a demand when the best news story penetrate the market and your name becomes a huge success.

The New York Metro area is a sea of endeavors built around life experience's  that shape mental processes, values, and identities that are culturally different in a social world.  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media pages are a stellar of moral and growth innovation development.  As a Public Relations Personality work to build effective post engagement with their audience to increase conversations, social arrangements become a way of comparing voices for change.  Press release pitches and media pitches are always the road  either less traveled or traveled often to mediate ethical development for embracing justice.

What is your story?  Mine is Radical Change!  Advocating Fundamental Revolutionary Change.....


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