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The Sponsors at the 2015 FREE BET Fan Fest Are Stepping Out In Style This Year

The 2015 FREE BET Fan Fest will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Saturday, June 27th and Sunday, June 28th during the 2015 BET Experience weekend.  The Sponsors of this event are stepping out in style this year with all Live Presentations.  Coco-Cola, a registered trademark, is one of the sponsors that will be returning with host, Chris Bivins, to deliver the Coca-Cola Flava Zone.  Also, an action packed taste of the hottest trends on the market in music, art, and performances will be powered by

What does this mean for the BET Fans?

It means that an opportunity has opened for The Fan" to personalize their experience this year with a Coca-cola can featuring their name to celebrate and inspire "Share a Coke" moment.  And that's not all "106 & Park" will also stage this experience with Fans as a Sponsor involving your experience with names, packages, and innovative ways to share.

In the line up of Sponsors besides Coca-Cola and &qu…

White Supremacy Or The Black Church?


When clicking onto the link above decide whether you are threatened or safe from the conversation of "The White Supremacist."  What is the origins of White Supremacy?  What does the noun mean to Black society?  According to web defined "White Supremacy" is a person, place, or thing states:

the belief that white people are superior to those of all other races, especially the black race, and should therefore dominate society.

Let's reflect upon the Institution of Slavery shall we?  Does this definition fit into today's society.  Let's embrace what this young man's views of his culture, his self-preservation, his paradigm, his perspective, is input!  Is the Black race a threat to the White man's private dinner table discussions?  Promoting race and culture is an art that is dated, not transformed from supremacy, therefore when fighting for your rights or freedom today decide what is important to your cultural existence.  …

I Didn't Understand The Sounds?

Nature! Energy! Food! Materials! Variety! Social Well-Being! And Then There Is You?

Life in the real world today is a trial Age Bubble that violates our world and how we recognize the order of our path taken in society.  Let's reflect back for a minute on the issues at hand and how and why the above elements controlled 2 billion years of life as it flourished to maintain sustainability in an unstable world.  In order to generate light we must have what?  Sun - solar radiation today - as source of energy that is earth-based and not industrial.  That same energy from Nature is then used within the Bubble Industry to do what?

Next, what is the most important thing besides the Sun and probably fossil fuel?  Food!  Although food is rarely a local commodity, we must travel or import/export the product that genetically helps us to survive to do what?  Preserve it!  Why?  Food can not survive without Materials from our natural system so it again creates another Bubble in the Industry o…