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Rexdale W. Henry: Native American Activist Found Dead In Miss. Jail | News One

Thoughts Shared On Activism Rexdale W. Henry: Native American Activist Found Dead In Miss. Jail | News One

My father too was a Black Choctaw from Mississippi.  Neshoba County, Mississippi has so much tension for Activist that during my father's era, his mother altered his birth record to save his life.  This story raises an Action Alert to tell Congress that "The End Racial Profiling Act" must be addressed and practiced into law.  Integrity is necessary and a right for Native Americans today.  Discriminatory practices breed hate within a system to enforce safety and justice.  When the "law" hates and began targeting people of color, fear and deadly consequences occur.

Contact your U.S. Senators and Members of the House of Representatives and ask the to co-sponor S.1038 / H.R. 2581 the "End Racial Profiling Act".   The U.S. Capitol Switchboard is:


Fundraising Event: "The Second Annual Black Ivy League Gala"

How often do you give back to your community after becoming the epitome of excellence?  Executives in large companies often ask when contributing to change, "How can I help you better to understand innovation?'  Why this analysis?  To come up with better ideas to improve concepts and partners.  In order to protect new and radically different businesses, the main part must have a disruptive thought.  A disruptive revolution or participants with assumptions that developing new products, services, or lines of business sparks transformation in their own business to revolutionize change.  The unthinkable innovative challenge!

Tomorrow is the Second Annual Black Ivy League Multi-School Fundraising Gala Event at 135 W 41st Street, New York, NY 10036.  Many Celebrity Guest Honorees, Gala Host Committees, Gift Bag & Raffle Sponsors, and Community Partners will come together to confront innovation challenges facing their companies for future financial programs outside of their org…

R. Kelly Special Guest Floetry

The Black Panties Tour will be held at The Prudential Center on Saturday, July 18, 2015 at 8 pm.  Robert Sylvester Kelly (R. Kelly) is most known for his work in The Black Church at the age of 8 years old, and is a professional American singer/songwriter, record producer, and rapper of today.  R. Kelly is best known in the Church for his words in the lyric "I Believe I Can Fly,"in which he won 3 Grammy Awards for in the past.
Although R. Kelly has won his legal problems in the past, the problem-solver created changes in his music to tell stories using movies that mattered within the Black Community.  R. Kelly brilliantly regenerated society from criminal justice to achieve the category of entertainment of thought required to inspire imagination using a small amount of humility in his songs.  The genuine vision that exists in R. Kelly's concerts today is a creative process to dance with people by telling the truth about what exists now.  The song "Happy People"…

Are We The People Making Sense Of Our Financial Interest Today?

Truth-telling begins with helping people see what type of reality exist in their world.  Most Westerners have a Christian believe that "the truth shall set you free."  But does that same cultural wisdom exist amongst the non-Westerner?
The National Action Network identifies with strategies geared around Civil Rights issues (disobedience) that is patterned in a non-violent method using liberals and conservatives to advance their agenda of practical change in the 21st Century.  Even I inspire to offer wisdom by engaging the Facebook audience from time to time with Spiritual Principles or Revolutionary Strategies to promote  language awareness.  Improving educational opportunities today leads to traditional cultural applications geared towards confronting global sustainability as a challenge.  Yes, there are social inequalities where one might perceive the Rich garbage from the Poor garbage, but the challenge is to develop a Superior Thought piece that eliminates the scope of …