Are We The People Making Sense Of Our Financial Interest Today?

Truth-telling begins with helping people see what type of reality exist in their world.  Most Westerners have a Christian believe that "the truth shall set you free."  But does that same cultural wisdom exist amongst the non-Westerner?

The National Action Network identifies with strategies geared around Civil Rights issues (disobedience) that is patterned in a non-violent method using liberals and conservatives to advance their agenda of practical change in the 21st Century.  Even I inspire to offer wisdom by engaging the Facebook audience from time to time with Spiritual Principles or Revolutionary Strategies to promote  language awareness.  Improving educational opportunities today leads to traditional cultural applications geared towards confronting global sustainability as a challenge.  Yes, there are social inequalities where one might perceive the Rich garbage from the Poor garbage, but the challenge is to develop a Superior Thought piece that eliminates the scope of embedding poverty.  

The love for Climate change and deteriorating ecosystems in America is to develop radical disruptive breakthroughs to sustain one's community by delivering an intimacy to address power to bring.  Why must National Action Network come together during an Annual Legislative & Policy Conference every year?  Well, just like the Sun, nothing will be new under it if we/you do not take a stand and explore why our/your Vision Matters to the future of America.

Protect your security by using a regenerative business model to voice or align Social Justice!  Make sense of your financial interest and force energy and creativity within your future endeavors.


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