Fundraising Event: "The Second Annual Black Ivy League Gala"

How often do you give back to your community after becoming the epitome of excellence?  Executives in large companies often ask when contributing to change, "How can I help you better to understand innovation?'  Why this analysis?  To come up with better ideas to improve concepts and partners.  In order to protect new and radically different businesses, the main part must have a disruptive thought.  A disruptive revolution or participants with assumptions that developing new products, services, or lines of business sparks transformation in their own business to revolutionize change.  The unthinkable innovative challenge!

Tomorrow is the Second Annual Black Ivy League Multi-School Fundraising Gala Event at 135 W 41st Street, New York, NY 10036.  Many Celebrity Guest Honorees, Gala Host Committees, Gift Bag & Raffle Sponsors, and Community Partners will come together to confront innovation challenges facing their companies for future financial programs outside of their organizations.  Dreams do come true when Tiffany & Co. is one of the raffle sponsors.

Event Organizer:  The League, Black Ivy Alumni League
                              Family & Education
                             Advocacy Organization

Media Contact:  Denise Ficklin-Fitzgerald
                           315 Madison Avenue, #901
                           New York, NY 10017

Media Sponsor:  Audacious Legal Services, Inc.


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