Is This Harrison At The Grisly Pear In NYC?

Photo Credit By:  Corey Melton

The Brown Paper Bag Event supported the Child & Human Rights Campaign with donations on Thursday, August 27, 2015 at The Grisly Pear in the East Village of New York City & the NYU Students.  The comedian Harrison Greenbaum delivered a unique combination of stand-up comedy while integrated thought to the message to make the audience laugh and drink.  While threaten on stage by an audience member, Harrison reminded us why #MagicLivesMatter just before that audience member was bounced outside the club.  Hilarious!  Selfie sticks were the necessary revolution today to collect and collaborate numbers and not pictures, and why money divided in half will reappear when you match up the serial number after the magic ended!  Thought-provoked magic was delivered and Harrison does it well!

From colleges to comedy clubs (like "Caroline's On Broadway), Harrison is a talented comedian that appreciates English and the price is right if you can keep up with today's Economy.  Although a little late for the show, Harrison was well worth the investment.  Harrison, according to his bio is most in-demand in the New York City area, and is a graduate of Harvard.

For Harrison's complete scheduling of tour dates visit:

Thanks Harrison for delivering a donation to a Child and providing Human Rights to our society!  Follow him @
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