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Lucas B x Dem Dreadheads - "Friday"

Today Or Tomorrow's Visual?

Video stories that perform will usually fall within the four quadrants of a shareholders value to maximize thinking.  Today the visual in the story is about Reputation and Legitimacy.  Growth is determined by the "Kodak" "The Voice" and the "Digital Technology" used to illustrate how today's business is compared to yesterday's mogul ~ Sean Combs.

Experience the dot~com era!  This one is paid!

Challenge the writer and the writer will deliver the message!

What Happened Before The Talk With Another?

Photo Credits:  Go Doctorate Go Media
The Name of the Social Media Project That Will Be Introduced To My Family Members In Louisiana For The Harvest Is:  "A Life Beyond The Bubble" ~ Street Stories Outside of the Parish where immigrants do not exist, where free blacks are unknown to City Life, where the world to act is contained inside of a "Bubble" of dysfunctions to create stories the effect tears of despair and letters to draw calls to action for another life lost outside of the "Bubble" of existence.
The question here is "How do you change culture?  Do you tailor culture to the actions that are unique to your situations?  Or do you pretend that your cultural ideas, tools and methods offer comprehensive answers to the often point of "death" for other resources to help and learn as you provide forward-thinking strategies.
In the picture another Black man has lost a loved one and can not function outside of his "Bubble" of exist…

#ItsNecessary - Kayo's Journey

A journey for the works of delivering a message to an audience is a creative process using learning techniques of thought.  No matter how many stumbling blocks come one's way, one's vision must produce results for what is happening tomorrow.  But I am always working?  My feet hurt?  I do not feel like.....?

Bring a reality to vision is seeing what is effective and what is not effective to gaining insights to a basic idea.  Grasp your talent and distinguish what features of that talent is successful as a entrepreneur, mastery of practice, exemplar, or creator.  And most importantly, accomplish something using a constant dialog even if you do not have all of the Answers!

So what there was name calling, learning is making it REAL!

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New York Association For Black Journalist First Take Student Journalism Workshop Opportunity

Photo Credits:  @filthyrich2011
The New York Association of Black Journalists (NYABJ) is still looking for High School Students in grade levels 9-12 who are interested in journalism today.  A 8 week course is offered to students interested in Newspapers, Magazines, Print Media, Television, Radio, Broadcast Media, Websites, Interactivity, Multimedia, Photojournalism, or Visual Media.  All that is needed is a brief description of yourself along with what your interest are in news and how your goals will describe "Your Story" today.  You must provide Two story ideas during the workshop and be expected to report on an event, topic or issue of interest happening within your own community, school or immediate environment.  Your ideas you "pitch" must involve people that are realistic.  If you have a web link connected to a story to be told attach that link to the application.  The workshop program is accepting 20 students from the New York Metro Region Area with the str…

Have Abortions Become A "Technological Breakthrough" To Steal Body Parts Today Or Are Little Girls Belt Buckles To Men?

Photo Credit By:  @filthyrich2011

Since 1980, a woman's right to chose began before the Department of Motor Vehicle credentialed the bus rider.  Choice and secrets are just that!  Emotions and a Woman's Choice is faced with multiple Civil Rights decisions that subject the right to privacy, dignity, and confidentiality a fundamental solutions that is reinforced by pressures for more quick fixes~like funding Planned Parenthood.  Addressing the problem to choice today using Congress could lead to a repeal issue that shifts the burden onto someone else~"the parent."  Why not start to make serious investments for the next generation of individuals that are primarily ready to perform like a well made car?

Seeing your choices from a traditional stand point of neglect to design policies and oversight to a faced "sexologist" private session matter is to begin to establish what Slavery redesigned when the "Union" was addressed with reputations of the &quo…

What Exist In A Bubble Battle?

On May 13, 2015, the very first press release hit the stream of engagement for Go Doctorate Go (Media).  A radical change of stories from various organizations, celebrities, entrepreneurs, politicians, breakthroughs, and social issues penetrated the business market to drive thought with life is beyond the "Bubble."  The launch focused on aggressive personal values of social techniques that lead to the passing of laws in legislation generated from "What's Your Story?"  That story of the future to self-preserve "life" as you know it and how it effected what was written by others generated calls-to-actions in the world of a necessary business market.

The unique responses to setting Go Doctorate Go's context or setting as it relates to "The American Way," to serve today's economy is only the beginning to setting another chapter tailored around more action to a unique situation.  The methods used by others were interesting to how one in…

The Great New York State Fair Continue Through Labor Day Weekend

Governor Cuomo announced that the Great New York State Fair, which is a 12 day celebration in Syracuse, New York will be continuing through Labor Day Weekend.  There will be exhibits, rides, food, and New York agriculture all valued at $1.  That's right!  Admission is $1 dollar to enjoy free concerts and featured acts through out the weekend.
Governor Cuomo stated, "With this year's Great New York State Fair coming to a close, I encourage everyone to make the trip this Labor Day weekend to see the very best the Empire State has to offer." "New Yorkers and visitors alike will enjoy this long-treasured tradition that encompasses the very best of New York."
Also included for the $1 dollar feature will be the rides on the Wade Shows Midway from 2014.  Unfortunately, fair parking will not be $1 dollar, the cost for parking is $5 dollars.  In addition to the great $1 dollar deals on admission and rides, the New York State Fair will include a special parade and a…