What Exist In A Bubble Battle?

On May 13, 2015, the very first press release hit the stream of engagement for Go Doctorate Go (Media).  A radical change of stories from various organizations, celebrities, entrepreneurs, politicians, breakthroughs, and social issues penetrated the business market to drive thought with life is beyond the "Bubble."  The launch focused on aggressive personal values of social techniques that lead to the passing of laws in legislation generated from "What's Your Story?"  That story of the future to self-preserve "life" as you know it and how it effected what was written by others generated calls-to-actions in the world of a necessary business market.

The unique responses to setting Go Doctorate Go's context or setting as it relates to "The American Way," to serve today's economy is only the beginning to setting another chapter tailored around more action to a unique situation.  The methods used by others were interesting to how one interprets "Self" based upon the ideas to prevent self-destruction, destruction, or harm, even when Maslow's Hierarchy of Theory was briefly applied.  To comprehend a level of threat into one's existence is to naturally act upon the basic needs that are not met and offer motivation or desire to the needs that are met.

Physiological needs are the elements, tools, or resources to help us project strong views and learn using forward-thinking strategies to assist us with radical solutions for air, food, drink(water), shelter, warmth, SEX, and sleep.  As change agents, when these elements become threats within our world or "Bubble," safety becomes another element on the hierarchy to devote our time and attention to doing empowerment or change movements through songs, documentaries, events, campaigns, or contest to protect or freedoms using different ideas.

As the Summer ends for Go Doctorate Go, the stories will not end.  The conversations were transformed into a unique radio that has not been announced to date.  Beyond Go Doctorate Go's Media "Bubble" the love to discover and make magic is the next pilot to invent change for systematic fixes to make "My Story" a told story.  The liberation movement using business administration thought and face-to-face events will continue to deliver communication as a vision mirrored through a man's eye.

Media Contact:  godoctoratego@gmail.com


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