What Happened Before The Talk With Another?

Photo Credits:  Go Doctorate Go Media

The Name of the Social Media Project That Will Be Introduced To My Family Members In Louisiana For The Harvest Is:  "A Life Beyond The Bubble" ~ Street Stories Outside of the Parish where immigrants do not exist, where free blacks are unknown to City Life, where the world to act is contained inside of a "Bubble" of dysfunctions to create stories the effect tears of despair and letters to draw calls to action for another life lost outside of the "Bubble" of existence.

The question here is "How do you change culture?  Do you tailor culture to the actions that are unique to your situations?  Or do you pretend that your cultural ideas, tools and methods offer comprehensive answers to the often point of "death" for other resources to help and learn as you provide forward-thinking strategies.

In the picture another Black man has lost a loved one and can not function outside of his "Bubble" of existence and is in need of passionate change agents to make a difference in his world.  A non-profit organization that knows something is needed to get the job done.  An organization that is willing to devote their time and attention to doing what is radical~what is necessary!  An organization that knows when progress is made the picture changes colors drawn form the open-ended, minded methods used to penetrate different ideas when reaching out to allies.  

The man in the picture~Dexter Walter's Father, is a man that lost a 29 year old son over perceived police misconduct on September 12, 2015, and is in need for things to be done but is too caught up in despair to make it happen, to make it necessary.  But, the question is "How Do You Know Him?"  What happened that made you know him?  Where did the "Bubble" break for you to know him?"  The story of "when" has already happened when the lost of life was announced on September 12, 2015.  What is not mention about this "Bubble of Existence" is why?  Why undertake the probability that circumstances could lead to others before You, Discoveries before You, and Plots before You, to invent what will make this story someone else's story?

Within large organizations, one must be careful what is said to an individual within an organization for larger networks of organizations, so that Society is not your next picture above. 


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