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Parents, Teachers, And Media Come Out To Support Golden Magazine 5th Kids Runway For A Cause Event In NYC

The new publication of Golden Magazine is coming to the shelf on November 1, 2015.  The photos are a few examples of the "Runway For Children" business model featuring children ages 3-13 years old providing the latest designers, performers, and inspiring stories.  Golden Magazine's readers consist of the modern family that is sophisticated with content that covers fashion, hair health, health, food, travel, education, entertainment, and culture.   Golden magazine also offers advertising opportunities in 2 issued publications in March and October.  Some of the past events that Golden Magazine covered were "Kids Rock" "DopNerds - Sporty vs Nerdy Fashion Show" "ENK Children's Club" "Summer Mini Sessions-Outdoors" "Philadelphia Kids Fashion Week" "A Golden Day in Harlem" "Fashion Kids Philanthropy" "Zolie Zi 'Breaking The Silence" Anti-Bullying campaign, the "ENK Children's Club…

Who Is Kayciblu?

Kayciblu "Swagg On A Million"

What do you do when you are in an elevator and you have 2 minutes to introduce yourself to someone?  Well for a virtual communicator it is YouTube It!  Kayciblu is her name and her Revolution is a Necessary one!  Not even in High School Kayciblu already knows how to engage the audiene with her "Swag" and her method to introduce different ideas for flawless capabilities.

Imagine for moment that you are a CEO of a major corporation and a rapidly growing business penetrates your ear.  You then learn after opening up the story about that business that a larger network existed beyond the Bubble.  You say, "But there is plenty of rappers and videos in the market today...." then you say, "But even with all of the name brands in the industry, why should I buy yours....." then you say, "But politics are so complex to the point where it drives our language today?"  And, after reflecting on all of the conversations…

JR Castro Stopped By The Red Carpet At The Circle Of Sisters 2015 Over The Weekend

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JR Castro showed love for Go Doctorate Go Media at the Circle Of Sisters 2015, Red Carpet Event, at the Jacob K. Javits Center, NYC over the weekend.  The minute JR Castro walked into the room a presence of stardom struck everyone watching including myself.  JR Castro in case all of you readers do not know, is 100 mph speed to Super Stardom.  His artistic endeavors were influenced by his Father, stemming from the trajectories of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Midnight Star, The Commodores, and none other than "Prince."

The question to ponder here is "Why Attend The Circle Of Sisters 2015 Expo?  Well, JR Castro is a successful SEO Entrepreneur, Father/Singer/Songwriter, from Las Vegas, who shared his business model with the people.  JR Castro's hit single and video "Get Home" and now brand new off the press "That Shit Go (Up-Down)"by Global Entertainment can be visited at…

Circle Of Sisters 2015 Red Carpet Discussion With GRAMMY Award-Winning Record-Label Executive/Professor "Mathew Knowles"

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Mathew Knowles is a Grammy Award-Winning Record-Label Executive Giant in the Music industry.  What the public does not know about Mr. Knowles is that he expresses a passion to share his business model with others in the industry as a professor, and an Executive (Veteran) to offer Bootcamp Workshops called "The Entertainment Industry: How Do I Get In?"  Mr. Knowles personally stopped by the Circle of Sisters 2015 Red Carpet Table to speak to the media about being ready at all times in the industry.  
But, what the readers do not know is that Mathew Knowles is an on the spot Executive ready to hear your elevator 2 minute pitch.  He also announced that his daughter, "Beyonce" was born on September 4, 1981.  The message stated that complexity is simplified when the thought sketches a "World Famous" Brand.   
For all you hunters that are ready to go to "Boot Camp," please visit Mr. Ma…

Update: Circle of Sisters 2015 Expo, Red Carpet Event featuring "Diggy Simmons"

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Dear Fans,
Due to an influx in internet usage at the Circle of Sisters 2015, Red Carpet Event, Diggy Simmons (photo) the nephew of Russell Simmons, cofounder of Def Jam Records and son of Joseph "Rev. Run" Simmons of Run DMC, an update correction has been made to the photo caption of Diggy Simmons ( as he is described within the photo as the son of Russell Simons.  From the source, it has been announced that possible collaborations might be underway between DJ Khaled and Diggy, new music beginnings for the Atlantic Records singer, who has also launched his own line of urban sneakers called "Chivalrous Culture" can be found at  
Diggy's new hit single "Fakin" (featuring Ty Dolla $ign & Omarion) can be found on iTunes.  Also, to date, for the ladies Diggy Simmons is also on Tour for the 2015-2016 season and will b…

2015 Circle of Sister Presents AARP And A List Of Major Players To The Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

Photo:  Circle of Sisters Expo, used with permission by Emmis NY

If you have not already purchased your ticket to the 2015 Circle of Sisters (COS) Exposition this weekend, then you have less than 20 hours left to take advantage of the 50% off the ticketed price at  Also, this year if you already purchased your ticket(s) to Circle of Sisters R&B Live Event at Madison Square Garden, sponsored by, with performers, Chaka Khan, Tamar Braxton, and Capitol Artist, Avant the 2015 Circle of Sisters Exposition is FREE.  Tickets for the R&B Live Event are still on sale at

The Circle of Sisters Expo 2015 has major players that have partnered to present by AARP, and in association with COBA (City Of New York Correction) and AT&T Mobility's sea of events and vendors for all attendees this year.  Emmys Communication, WBLS FM 107.5, WLIB AM 1190, and HOT 97 97.1, are all New York City African American Radio Stations that …

How Often Do You Mix Your Knowledge To Incorporate Organizational Achievement?

Catalyst Network Foundation Inc.
A Meeting of the Minds
"Sports Industry: Black & Latin Athlete | Black & Latin Professional"

Wednesday, October 21st | 6:00 - 9:00pm
KATRA Lounge: 217 Bowery, New York, NY

2 for 1 Drink Specials 

In today's society networking takes on a different form for professionals in the journalism field of shaping their careers to inspire pursuit.  Panel discussions after work or during a workshop is a new non-profit education initiative to enrich and develop professionals in their career mission recognized by proclamation.  Mixing Knowledge today to incorporate organizational achievement means to drive politics using the fundamentals of management to connect all walks of life to assist with academic ambition.

The Catalyst Network Foundation Inc., a non-profit education initiative (501(c)(3) organization drives organizations based out of Washington, D.C. and New York City to focus their time and efforts to special projects that benefits S…

Why Fire And Safety Interests?

The City of Newark will be honoring their Regional First Responders tonight at 7 pm at the St. Lucy's Church, 118 7th Avenue, Newark, NJ in a special Mass session.  The Annual Novena Mass for First Responders is a special mass dedication for City and Regional police, fire, and medical emergency response agencies that invite dignitaries to speak about the selfless acts contributions under the name of God for the safety and well-being of others.  The church, St. Lucy's Church is located in the Central Ward of Newark and is surrounded by Parish stories of the Old First Ward where a gathering place for Newark Italian diaspora once worshipped.  Although a Special Mass is being held tonight along with Police Director Eugene Venable, Police Chief Anthony Campos, Fire Director James G. Stewart, and Fire Chief John G. Centanni Jr, tours are offered of the Mezzogiorno by appointment.

This years Mass will honor Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Technicians from Newark, Essex County, a…

"A Life Beyond The Bubble" ~ Radical Street Stories of Go Doctorate Go

Today College students are planning their Families based around Personal Finance.  What happened?  #ItsNecessary!  According to Kayo Bracey, dreams and how individuals work together with organizations to sustain a world focused upon the next graduate is a regenerative society today!

We are the only one!

We Value Treasures!

We Embrace Variety To Build Our Communities!

We Are The Global Village!

So how do we stir our thinking and our focus into the situation of today?  Who will think for us if we do not?  Who will think differently?  Who will help us find our way?  In order to attack the problem, a call to action has to be made to address social and environmental problems for short-term relief.  Yes, preserving status quo is a digital divide to drive new technologies, but what about the way of living? What about the ultimate economic system to create a new way of living of organizations and societies?

Time to get Financially Educated!  Time to get Organized inside of your Bubble!  Mak…

Media That Matters! The Aftermath Of South Carolina

Video by:  Brittany Tedder   Titled:  "Pray For South Carolina - SC Flood"

Taking the time to create media for the public to view is a call to action.  When will you get into the movement and make a change for someone?  The storm is over, but the journey is long after and not forgotten ~ like a scar.

When Perils occur after a storm.  Advocacy begins.  Why?  Because sustainability is part of a business strategy that forms management teams to exchange ideas during a crisis.  Conversations, predictions, and advocating to drive a specific force for infrastructural changes leads to big problems for companies and governments to solve.  Forward-thinking strategies start from immediate actions taken by the media seeking help for the public.  The challenge of climate change is to produce moral/personal funding-stories that delivers simple action to bring balance to the debate.

South Carolina is in need of your help!  It was impossible to help during the storm/floods.  But now that …