Media That Matters! The Aftermath Of South Carolina

Video by:  Brittany Tedder   Titled:  "Pray For South Carolina - SC Flood"

Taking the time to create media for the public to view is a call to action.  When will you get into the movement and make a change for someone?  The storm is over, but the journey is long after and not forgotten ~ like a scar.

When Perils occur after a storm.  Advocacy begins.  Why?  Because sustainability is part of a business strategy that forms management teams to exchange ideas during a crisis.  Conversations, predictions, and advocating to drive a specific force for infrastructural changes leads to big problems for companies and governments to solve.  Forward-thinking strategies start from immediate actions taken by the media seeking help for the public.  The challenge of climate change is to produce moral/personal funding-stories that delivers simple action to bring balance to the debate.

South Carolina is in need of your help!  It was impossible to help during the storm/floods.  But now that the storm/floods are over reach out and make a difference!  Most important mark history by creating media that matters today!


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