Who Is Kayciblu?

Kayciblu "Swagg On A Million"

What do you do when you are in an elevator and you have 2 minutes to introduce yourself to someone?  Well for a virtual communicator it is YouTube It!  Kayciblu is her name and her Revolution is a Necessary one!  Not even in High School Kayciblu already knows how to engage the audiene with her "Swag" and her method to introduce different ideas for flawless capabilities.

Imagine for moment that you are a CEO of a major corporation and a rapidly growing business penetrates your ear.  You then learn after opening up the story about that business that a larger network existed beyond the Bubble.  You say, "But there is plenty of rappers and videos in the market today...." then you say, "But even with all of the name brands in the industry, why should I buy yours....." then you say, "But politics are so complex to the point where it drives our language today?"  And, after reflecting on all of the conversations of the larger scale, you discover that a 10-year-old has sustained a rare and unique contribution to a team of "Black" voices today.

Her name is Kayciblu and her contributions to society has convinced others to agree "big financial" and "immediate action."  Ms. Kayciblu is the owner of her on product line and she is a upcoming raising star that landed me a VIP ticket to her performance at the "5th Golden Kids Runway for a Cause" tonight at 4:30 p.m., 371 Seventh Avenue, Fitzgerald Ballroom, New York, NY 10001

Kayciblu has opened up for the rapper "Big Sean," and has been spotted by the media with Wyclef Jean, Boxer, Peter Manfredo Jr., Hot 106 Radio, and now performing for the Golden Magazine, Runway For Children Event to raise funds for the Lupus Foundation.  

You can follow Kayciblu on iTunes or Shop www.Kayciblu.com  Get Social!


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