Why Fire And Safety Interests?

The City of Newark will be honoring their Regional First Responders tonight at 7 pm at the St. Lucy's Church, 118 7th Avenue, Newark, NJ in a special Mass session.  The Annual Novena Mass for First Responders is a special mass dedication for City and Regional police, fire, and medical emergency response agencies that invite dignitaries to speak about the selfless acts contributions under the name of God for the safety and well-being of others.  The church, St. Lucy's Church is located in the Central Ward of Newark and is surrounded by Parish stories of the Old First Ward where a gathering place for Newark Italian diaspora once worshipped.  Although a Special Mass is being held tonight along with Police Director Eugene Venable, Police Chief Anthony Campos, Fire Director James G. Stewart, and Fire Chief John G. Centanni Jr, tours are offered of the Mezzogiorno by appointment.

This years Mass will honor Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Technicians from Newark, Essex County, and surrounding communities, including the Essex County Sheriff's Office, Essex County Prosecutor's Office, and the Essex County Department of Corrections.


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