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The New York Elite Launches Their First Fashion & Retail Network Event At The "Beautique"

Coco Channel's Legacy Stands Strong At The "Beautique Restaurant" In Manhattan, NY 
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Coco Channel was a legendary Fashion Designer for her trademarked suits and little black dress during the Civil Rights Movement and Equality for all era.  Fashion and Identity as it relates to social justice possessed three distinct stages spearheaded by political evolution.  The first stage was the establishment of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People who were attacked for equality under the law.  The second stage began after the legacy of Coco Channel and it was to concentrate on equality of opportunity, including restaurants, which established the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  And the third stage was to press for proportional equality.  Since slavery ended in the United States, African Americans continued to be singled out for discriminatory treatment and language became pass…

Go Doctorate Go Media's Hot Pick's

What is a Social Justice Journalist?  Why is a Social Justice Journalist so curious?  In today's society that has been absorbed with Contemporary Marxism, the journalist must continue to research new ways to understand social justice and how it relates to a new dialectical view of social transformation.  Stories involving crime, police repression, the penal system, human and civil rights, welfare and education, ethnic and gender relations, immigration issues, and inequalities forces a material interpretation of ideas stemmed from the Bible.  The Black Church and the African American Movement continues to redesign the language the church actively seeks to improve urban communities today.  Providing a safe environment for the church around issues of gang violence in the same way that ended slavery is a constant battle of faith and constant hope for Christian and Civil Rights Leaders.  Although the words of Dr. Martin Luther King continue to reproduce songs formerly recognized of sl…

What Is A Nubian Journalist And Why Speak Out About What Social Justice Looks Like....?

Denise Fitzgerald, Media Founder of Go Doctorate Go was once a victim of social injustice and decided to join the New York Association of Black Journalist to make a difference to the protest of assertions in the interpretation of Nubian language as it relates to Social Justice issues.  As a Social Media Public Relations Community Newswire Journalist, Denise Fitzgerald got here start 8 months ago to drive her idea from her Fans of Go Doctorate Go on  Several press releases were sent out announcing launches to her appearance at several events as a new avenue to assert her differences on subjects that define her in negotiating her identity and language as a writer.  There are many articles that have contributed to the meaning of "Black Voices" as it relates to the "Black Church" and why oppression is an action plan for radical change to stop incitements of hatred towards her.  As Denise Fitzgerald continues her journey, her plans is to continue to work …