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What is a Social Justice Journalist?  Why is a Social Justice Journalist so curious?  In today's society that has been absorbed with Contemporary Marxism, the journalist must continue to research new ways to understand social justice and how it relates to a new dialectical view of social transformation.  Stories involving crime, police repression, the penal system, human and civil rights, welfare and education, ethnic and gender relations, immigration issues, and inequalities forces a material interpretation of ideas stemmed from the Bible.  The Black Church and the African American Movement continues to redesign the language the church actively seeks to improve urban communities today.  Providing a safe environment for the church around issues of gang violence in the same way that ended slavery is a constant battle of faith and constant hope for Christian and Civil Rights Leaders.  Although the words of Dr. Martin Luther King continue to reproduce songs formerly recognized of slavery to leave thought to "We Shall Overcome," the goal of ending segregation in the 1950's was victorious.  But what about today?  What is the new goal under Dr. Martin Luther's words under a New Civil Rights Movement?  What pivotal role does the Black Church play in a new passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act?  Does society continue to enslave women and men?  Do we still have "Bloody Sunday's?"  Does Freedom Sunday still exist?  What about the Free Blacks and their rights to practice religion apart from Whites?  Does the Negro (Native American Collection) concept still have a need to be protected from solicitors who may rape them?  There is not many of us left today to tell our story, but the few that are still here stemmed from the segregated South are still listening to the new sounds of freedom.


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