The New York Elite Launches Their First Fashion & Retail Network Event At The "Beautique"

Coco Channel's Legacy Stands Strong At The "Beautique Restaurant" In Manhattan, NY 
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Coco Channel was a legendary Fashion Designer for her trademarked suits and little black dress during the Civil Rights Movement and Equality for all era.  Fashion and Identity as it relates to social justice possessed three distinct stages spearheaded by political evolution.  The first stage was the establishment of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People who were attacked for equality under the law.  The second stage began after the legacy of Coco Channel and it was to concentrate on equality of opportunity, including restaurants, which established the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  And the third stage was to press for proportional equality.  Since slavery ended in the United States, African Americans continued to be singled out for discriminatory treatment and language became passive due to a lack of identity, but Fashion & Retail always served the public with traditional interpretations to rule out class and allow the public to run licensed businesses within the State, because the public did not come under the concept of state action.  Because of Coco Channel's radical fashion designs penetrating the markets of Paris, fabric and traditions crafted a new language that was practical for the uninformed fashion-conscious customer to aid in ending segregation for African Americans.

Today, there is a New Civil Rights Movement that continues the legacy of Chanel's death in 1971.  The launch of Eventsy NYC Fashion & Retail Industry Networking event yesterday brought Coco Chanel's legacy back to life staged inside the back of Beautique's Restuarant to introduce New York City's finest and fastest growing Designers and Top Designers that caters to influence the elite rich language of business and the public.  Amongst the Who's Who were Vegan Fashion Natural Make-Up Designer, Aaron Bond, representing "cruelty-free", Chris Collie, Senior Editor for Fashion Week Online, Shao Yang, Founder of The Tailory New York, Rene Lautrec, Exclusive Designer for LAUTREC, and many sponsors including Motives Loren Ridinger (  Bloggers, Writers, Professional Photographers, and inspiring Designers, Alfiya along with handmade jewelry artist of Kaderique, Martine Cadet to name a few.

This upscale social and business open event was organized by Christina Stathopoulos, Managing Editor, to provide business networking opportunities to over 30, 000 members of the elite professional and upcoming members.  Eventsy can be found at

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