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Applications For The Next City Vanguard Conference Is Open And Due!

New York City (Repost)Release Announcement ~  Dear Next City Readers,

Time is running out to apply for our 2017 Vanguard conference in Montréal. Your application is due by Monday, December 12 at midnight Eastern time.

At the 2017 Vanguard in Montréal, join 40 of the brightest young urban leaders for four days of learning, exchanging ideas and building relationships. Participants will be selected through a competitive application process and the only requirement is that you must be 40 or younger and have demonstrated some change in a city.

The free conference, happening May 31 through June 3, will include workshops, tours and conversations about the newest ideas in urban development, transportation, tech and politics. You will leave Montréal inspired by new perspectives and more connected to the growing urbanist movement transforming our cities.

"The diversity of expertise and perspectives made for the best un-conference I have ever attended. Only at Next City have I seen a panel disc…

It's National Native American Month ~ What Is Your Story Of Traditions?

                                                      Photo Credits:  Creative Commons

Indian Child Welfare Association Release ~
Elijah Blue Arquette is a motivational speaker, Nez Perce National Historical Park employee, and White Bison Wellbriety Program volunteer - a positive role model for his community's youth. Before the passage of the Indian Child Welfare Act, Elijah's mother was adopted by a non-Indian family; her disconnection from her extended family and tribe at a young age affected her ability to pass on her tribal culture to her son. Even though Elijah and his mother are enrolled members of the Nez Perce Tribe and grew up on the reservation, they were uninvolved in tribal practices and community activities throughout his early youth. A month before Elijah's 16th birthday, he was placed in the Nez Perce tribal foster care system. Elijah remained in his community and, as a result, had the opportunity to increase his cultural knowledge and participation in triba…

What Is Adult Entertainment Without Club Lust NY?

                                 Photography by @Filthyrich2011/Go Doctorate Go Media
New York City ~ Local governments often need to regulate various adult sexually oriented businesses and services that include movies, theaters, bookstores, video stores, adult-only hotels/motels.  Since the death of JaVonte Prothro, 29 and Otigo Martinez, 18, the First Amendment has taken on a new movement to protest what matters and what is appreciated today.  Life for the two men lost to gun violence on the streets of Richmond, California on September 19, 2016.

With open statements, "I do not want to be destroyed!" Celebrities are hard at work validating their constitutional rights to express free speech using secondary effects.  Since 1993, law enforcement has forgot what the community "Cares About" and that is to be entertained using "specified sexual activities" to exclude minors.  Although adult establishments operate in zoning districts with concerns to unrelated t…

Contra Costa County Deadlines An Anti-Gang Program In The Death Of JaVonte Prothro, 29 & Otigo Martinez, 18 Murdered In Richmond, California

                                Photo Credits:  Christopher Whimmer, City Photographer 9.19.2016

Richmond, California ~ Since the death of JaVonte Prothro, 29 and Otigo Martinez, 18, coth residents of Hercules, California on September 19, 2016, Contra Costa County has been busy managing and implementing business drives towards Anti-Gang solutions.  One of the City of Richmond Business Results to address Gun Violence was to introduce Anti-gang programs across the County.  With limited budgets to assist the Richmond Police Departments, Contra Costa County supervisors are looking for a coordinator to work in a new program called "Operation Ceasefire" to aid in the reduction of violent crimes, according to Supervisor Federal Glover.

Operation Ceasefire is a benchmark to Boston, Chicago and Stockton programs and will be used as a strategy to research and experience evolution using a comprehensive approah to deter violence while providing employment training, jobs and other service…

Make The Smart Decision To Connect Your Legal Assets Today!

Click The Interactive And Make The Smart Decision To Protect Your Business:

Jacob Javits Center, NYC ~   Circle of Sisters 2016 Expo invited some  unique business models within the Black Community last weekend.  What the public does not know is that nearly 60% of all small businesses experience some type of legal event once launched into the big Red Sea of wealth and ideas.  According to Legal Shield's representative, Gary Thompson, small businesses in the United States main conduct business over the internet before engaging face to face with their clients and top executives.  As a result of invites from Small Business owners using email campaign conversations and surveys on results, Legal Shield Analysts states that an array of Fortune 500 and the like will still need a legal strategy to compliment their business needs.  Legal issues when and if at all will arise when running a business.  Collecting money, setting u…

New Birth Oakland In Reach Is Asking For Donations For Thanksgiving!

New York City ~ The New Birth Oakland In Reach program is requesting blessings for fifth families to complete their Thanksgiving Dinner Packages.  The congregation is in need of support in an effort of non-perishable donations.  Please allow the Good News For The Works Of Jesus to bless those in need by following the instructions below:

Thanksgiving Donations Instructions If your last name begins with A-H please bring: • 2 boxes Stove Top stuffing • 1 box Idaho Instant Mash Potatoes • 2 cans Del Monte Green Beans 29oz If your last name begins with I-P please bring: • 2 boxes Kraft Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese • 2 cans Glory Greens 29 oz • 2 cans Campbell Turkey Gravy
If your Last Name begins with Q-Z please bring: • 2 cans Bruce or Glory Candy Yams 29 oz • 2 boxes Cake Mix • 2 cans chicken broth Youth please bring • 1 large Punch 

Please forward all donations to
New Birth Church | 1411 E. Leland Road, Pittsburg, CA 94565

How Do You Recall A Mayor?

Credit:  Creative Common
Richmond, California ~  The Call of Action began in Richmond, California when two men from Hercules, California were gunned down in the streets on September 19, 2016.  Both men graduated from Hercules High School, and both men were in the City of Richmond when the gun violence occurred.  The parents of the two men share the same common goal ~ "Why were the guns on the streets and "A Demand To End The Violence Of Guns" on the streets of Richmond, California due to the love of the land and opportunities the town has to offer.

How can a city so beautiful and rich in cultural traditions become so infected with hate, guns, and the lack of opportunity since the Safeway Fire in 1988?  What has happened to the leadership of companies that allow residents to see a mountain form with choices go wrong?  Has there been enough evidence of viability to create an opportunity for Richmond Youths that will activate key players for tomorrow's support to change…

National Association Of Black Journalists Announces Their 2016 Scholarship Recipients

Washington, DC  Press Release ~  The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) has announced their 2016 scholarship recipients.

NABJ awards scholarships annually to deserving students interested in pursuing careers in journalism. This year, NABJ has awarded $27,500 in scholarships. 
"NABJ is committed to helping our student members reach their full potential by providing financial assistance. Our scholarship program continues to be a strong initiative to help defray ever-rising educational costs," said NABJ President Sarah Glover. "We are proud of this year's scholarship recipients and we will continue to nurture the next generation of media professionals."
NABJ's scholarships are a part of the Student Education Enrichment and Development Program (SEED), which provides professional and educational opportunities to students pursuing careers in journalism. Since 2009, NABJ has awarded $470,196 in scholarships.
Below are the recipients of NABJ's 201…

Is Marijuana Legal In The State Of New Jersey TodaY?

Photo Credit:  Creative Commons
Newark ~ How does one's advocacy skills on "What to Do" state assumptions for a program going wrong today ~ Marijuana.  When thinking process transparent by current illegal drug sales, walking up to a marijuana dispensary is a ladder of inference to approach slowly.  The point of view that affects the purpose of why marijuana technologies are the next best thing to real content is almost like redesigning the 1982 Addiction Model to explain a New War On Drugs.

What does the public have to say about what to think when neighborhood photos are announced in the City of Newark in connection with a shooting incident over a dispute during an illegal marijuana purchase.  Is it safe to assume that a conclusion can be met after transporting two men to the local hospital for treatment based upon their lack of dispensary skills?  It 's hard to harass citizens who are passionate about changing political sustainability issues essential to balance ad…

Sobo Fashion Is Having A Pop Up Sale!

                                               SOBO Fashion Tote ~ Creative Commons

New York City ~ This Thursday experience the Sobo Handbag for yourself during a 24-hour sale on Social Media.  The luxury picks of Fall Specials, Sunglasses, Specials, The Sobo Bag, and more will be available at 40% off the retail prices.  Take the time during your coffee break to shop for the stylish, durable handbag with interchangeable handles, and unique trims created by two entrepreneurs Marta and Victor, who have 50 years of experience in the business of fashion.

About SOBO

Who is SOBO Fashion, LLC?  Why are the luxury handbags so unique?

Marta has been in the fashion industry for approximately 16 years designing and executing sales using totes that are easily customized to change from business to casual on the move.

Victor, since 1980, has been running a business for himself by expanding company business models.  As a representative of Sobo Fashion, LLC, Victor came into the business to set a busi…

When I Look To The Sky I Think Of Cranes

Photo Credit:  Creative Commons 

New York City ~  It was a heinous act of domestic violence that lead this blogger to seek a religious ceremonial purpose in Berkeley, California for her daughter.  After a brief marriage in 1991, that later lead to domestic violence on June 5, 1993, the Japanese word, "origami" was introduced to my daughter because I did not possess a voice.  I possessed no ears, no voice, no senses, and I was being inflicted with brain damage so that I could no longer produce a child.  Folding paper is a Japanese belief that began in the 6th century due to the high costs of paper.  For the State of Louisiana, it was a misunderstood concept since no family members attending my wedding ~ dressed in Black/Royal Purple to represent the Japanese culture belief.  Good fortune and longevity were a silent voice I possessed with invisible wings for my two children during the religious ceremonial wedding on October 26, 1991, but protection for prays went unheard.

In …

How Does One Become Inspired By Dramatic Sarah Bond London Couture Fashion Today?

Photo Credits:  Creative Commons 

New York City ~  What is a Fashion Nova today?  In the world of Fashion, a niche into a new form of Business Leadership carves endless possibilities for earning big bucks.  Style using a Social Justice Framework is so diverse for fashion designers that these days even underwear makes a difference.  Getting started in a blue sea of thought leadership begins within for a start-up small business to sell, promote, or even go digital using eCommerce to sell products and services that can maximize profits within one year of a launch.

So, how does one drive traffic using keywords that matter in the world of fashion?  Experience!  Using a business driver niche to promote what is known as "budget style" today is like shopping for your target audience for big-box stores that honed to sell products in demand.  Whether it is plus size fashion, Missy fashion, men's fashion, pet fashion, etc., the epidemic for clothing in the U.S. and International is…

What Is A Name?

Photo Credits:  Christopher Wimmer, City Photographer

New York City ~  What is a name when one is unbiased under a "No Violence" "Informal Truth" daily news platform?  Are you suppose to attack the News Reporter from disseminating truths under the First Amendment?  How about the Fifth Amendment?  Or even the Eight Amendment?  Every name has a meaning today, even if the name is listed in a Gun Memorial solicitation.

The legacy of JaVonte Prothro, 29, is now a memory as of September 19, 2016, in Richmond, California where a single father of two once purchase Sour Powers, Pineapple Fanta Soda, and Snacks for his family.  The single father of two was murder at storefront around 10:53 a.m when he could not succumb to his injuries after being shot multiple times execution style.  A young man's face has been killed by a Muslim Organized Terrorist in the Community of Richmond, California and the once organized Change Agents that assisted an assassin for hire is now und…

Man Killed In Richmond, California Identified As JaVonte Prothro, 29 of Hercules, California

Killer Caughter In Vallejo, California ~ Dawaun Rice, 19, as a suspect in the Murder of JaVonte Prothro, 29, of Hercules, California on September 19, 2016 at 10:53 am

New York City ~  On Monday, September 19, 2016, a single father of two went into Bayview Fish Market on 47th Street, Richmond, California to purchase his favorite Pineapple Fanta Soda before joining his brother for a Fishing trip.  Unfortunately, for this single father, JaVonte Prothro, 29, of Hercules, California, he never made it to the boat to join his brother.  As Mr. Prothro was exiting the storefront parking lot, a man, Dawaun Rice, 19, of Richmond, California, jumped right in front of Mr. Prothro's car and opened a round of bullets into the single father of two while he was behind his steering wheel.  Paramedics could not revive Mr. Prothro and he died at the scene just before 11 a.m..

The community of Richmond, California is demanding help in numbers from the Politicians, News Reporters, and Community Acitivis…

What Is A Sonic Weapon And How Does It Effect Nutrition?

New York City ~ Sonic and ultrasonic weapons were once used to destroy brown bats in abandoned houses in rural areas.  (Myth)  The sound waves and echoes were a technique called echolocation that emitted intense weaponry sounds for brown bats to navigate a trick to detect obstacles in flight to roosts and forage food.  Echolocation is an active use of sonar (SOund Navigation and Ranging) along with special morphological (physical features) and physiological adaptations which allow bats to "see" with sound using their voice box (larynx) to capture prey (such as crickets).

Echolocation sounds are emitted through the mouth or nostrils depending on the species to emit echolocation calls through their nostrils as a megaphone.  The ultrasonic range in frequency is an ultrasonic ranging device for Bats that humans can hear called echolocation clicks or noises resembling the sounds of two pebbles together.  The loudness of the sounds is damaging to human hearing especially when the…

American Indian Preference Makes A Soulful Appearance At The Couture Fashion Week 24h Season

New York City ~  George Gordon First Nation, Tishynah Buffalo introduced an innovated way to deliver a Pow-wow to the elite audience last night at the Couture Fashion Week in New York City.  The vibrant Chief Joseph prints implicated a choice behavior that produced energy, business, and attributes to the 24th season of discrete investors and buyers.  So, what is Tishynah Buffalo's application based upon her American Indian choice samples that makes the elite travel to New York City's $98 Billion dollar fashion industry?  Answer:  her distinctive, classy, original elegant blend of modern tradition that trademarks her fabrics for an interactive choice set ranked as a restricted choice.

Extreme value of American Indian traditions today is not a generic attribute but a utility to specify individuality.  Tishynah Buffalo does not use the "What If" scenario to simulate predicted outcomes to her audience, Ms. Buffalo fits her business model to the specified user to transfor…

If "Blue Lives Matter," Then What Happened To New Yorkers?

Creative Commons @filthyrich2011/Go Doctorate Go Media
Louisiana ~ What is a legacy of money or property that is left to someone in a will if the State of Louisiana does not have a "Blue Lives Matter" Law.  Being the daughter of a former police officer originated out of the State, more literature is needed to protect the rights distinguishable by this law.  Spoken words of a law enforcement officer's daughter in a disposition to protect real and personal property in the month of November 2015, denotes the importance of why legacies are willed to beneficiaries under civil law in countries within and out of the United States.  

Legal rights for the legatee holds somewhat of a different meaning because it is Universal to the successor as a third party, called legatee.So, why all the legacy talk?When the law “Blue Lives Matter” was signed into law stemming from an innocent Sheriff Officer targeted for a Hate Crime, the Governor of Louisiana heightened jail time and fines for o…

What Is Psychological Harassment In Brick City For New Yorkers?

AKA 47s, SWAT Teams, Gang Stalking And Organized Psychological Trauma To Kill

New York City ~ Gang stalking, organized psychological harassment,  poisoning children, and destroying lives by using spy equipment all fails under the definition of “Psychological Terror” today.  What has happened since December 9, 2002, after the police were given a brief case to slavery in Bloomfield, NJ?  An accurate description of what is going on during a gang attack is not for local police departments to gear up of FBI agencies to hide behind their telephones and listen.  The Gang Stalking Environment is real and must be readdressed as a new redesign tool to organizational slavery to patrol the innocent and feed off the higher learning population.

Police accountability has been texted over and over again to gain voice and boycotts within the Black Community to Stop Gangs from harassing the innocent.  Cyber bullying, anonymous hackers into your cellular telephone lines dates back to the War on Drugs wi…

Another Meeting Of The Minds Presents "Politics As Usual"

New York City ~ What does the Celebrity Rappers have to say?  What does the News Reporter have to say?  What do Radio Stations have to say?  What does the Assemblymen have to say?  And most importantly, What does the LAW have to say?  
Politics as Usual II and the War on Drugs is a method that is necessary to use when using rhetoric of war to shape the drug problem that impacts military strategies stemming from the Reagan Administration.  What happen to the constructs?  The African American, Hispanic, and other people of color today since Reagan are still the lens that all Doctorates, Assemblymen, News Reporters, Radio Stations, and the LAW look into for the Past Trends and Goals that still technically did not end the goal of segregation.  It is called the "Crack Epidemic" and it affects every ethinic and recial group still today.  So what is the new movement called today, Civil Rights 2.0?
Voting Rights, Education, Views on the President, Police Brutality, Local Level Impa…

What Is A General Body Meeting For The Voices Of Change?

New York City ~  The New York Association of Black Journalist, is a group of advocates that love to drive their passions using your voices to drive change for Americans today.  The group consist of over 3,300 members to date and is effectively ran by Julie Walker, an award-winning radio, television and print journalist, who works for the Associated Press.  The job, whether paid or unpaid is to produce the news to an audience using one language to drive change.

So, how does one accomplish such a leadership role without being a Servant Leader today as a Journalist and not a Lawyer?  One answer is a collective agreement, a common idea, the right people or advocates, and a general body meeting using New York Chapter Members to make decisions that will expand the National Association of Black Journalist to vote for changes using procedures and Bylaws to keep order for New Yorkers.  So, again, who is this Black role model that leads New York Journalist to set the tone for Parliament?  She …

The Bhang Bhang Experiences Of Legalizing Cannabis Today!

New York City ~  As a Business major accredited out of the State of Colorado, social media is a networking privilege to getting the word out using virtual communication via computer equipment.  Informational education is what computer science and business experts do to assist with the latest technological breakthroughs for the next generation of language speakers.  So, what is the message this blogger is trying to project electronically to the readers?  Bhang!  Bhang! Or Medical Jane Marijuana that has been tested for THC, CBD and other cannabinoids levels extracted in an oil top quality form.

New York and New Jersey are two states that are misunderstood when it comes to the Cannabis Industry due to the overwhelming arrest of what is known as the "illegal pharmacy."  Task force behavior to deprive an approved patient of getting treatment for a human ailment is up for above discussion these days.  And with the discussion voters begin with adult use and possession to legalize…

I Am Watching You And I Am Wearing Red!

    Investigative Photo Credits: Go Doctorate Go Media @filthyrich2011

Since 2001, the man in the picture has been stalking me over a Taxi Service went wrong.  Unlawful touching in the City of East Orange, NJ never gets address correctly for professionals.  Safe streets and sidewalks are not controlled by Gang Members of Cab Drivers today!  Safe streets are funded by governments to promote the correct transportation for licensed individuals to keep your address confidentially safe and not share your safety with gang lurkers who prey on the innocent.

When opting out to take a taxi that mingles with Gang wearing Red inside of driving or walking is probably the safest way to travel today to mitigate risk.  Baggers or Bootleggers outside of hailing a cab to place groceries in your car is not legally registered to a taxi.  Innocent people or guilty people trying to earn extra tax-free money can be the worse reason in allowing one into your privacy space.  Also, make sure that a taxi has o…