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Herojuana ~ Vote or No Vote?

Art is a beautiful thing in New York City today!  Discovery and Observations are even better when one can expand thought into articles and essays to educate the public on what is new and exciting.  However, Herojuana is a leads to weed maps undiscovered for states to double-back on legalizing marijuana.  Why fix this problem?  Well, child custody and employment today is a major concern and an issue that proposes a public policy which threatens responsible marijuana smokers.  No parent should be unfit because he/she challenges a right to inquire about evidence that is currently up for New Laws.  So who is getting paid here?  NO VOTE!!  NO Pharmacy!!  NO child welfare agency will profit from this inquiry to challenge why Colorado smoker's employment rights are not threatened and New Yorkers are?  Is this an impaired condition?  Marijuana smoking causes a degree of impairment probably 90 minutes after it is smoked, but there are thousands of marijuana jobs in the State of Colorado t…