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Janet Jackson - The Great Forever (Audio Stream)

It's Called "The Great Forever" and the song is a unique contribution to "Black History Month!"  Thanks, Janet Jackson for forever applying meaning to our thoughts.  Unconditional Love today is to come to a self-realization of an experience with the Soul.  As a writer who suffered severe social disorder, a pilot was set based upon someone's offer to me to explore my fulfillment into his world.  The good news is I achieved a room full of thoughts written on paper about my hidden ability to share love again.  How?  By setting cultural expectations for myself to define my freedom, my desires, and my triangle with God.

You see for "The Black Church" alternative medicine has also been a form of mind/body exposures using Chinese metaphysics of QiGong.  In other words, Esoteric practices for this writer to apply philosophy using energy, balance, and elements to use knowledge represented by one's environment.  One's destiny does not always inscri…

Trevor Jackson - Here I Come [Official Music Video]

What Jackson Is This?  The projection of his voice remains me of someone from the Lion King.  This singing sensation is only 19 years old and has designed his business model around a triangle of reality. Wow!  Young discovery and deception.  Lust is a wicked thing to understand yet it is also important during "Black History Month."  How often does a young boy wonder what color panties his girlfriends mother is wearing?  Will that thought be for the street corner discussion at such a young tender age or will that discussion be for the telephone chat room of children?

For Black women without Husbands in the home, challenges are presented to Mother's who have busy schedules but wonder what type children they are raising.  The expectations of Black males at the age of 19 years old is not to get married, but to explore with is behind the desk of the Corporate successful woman today and yesterday.  So how is LOVE defined today for Blacks?  Has anything changed for the Black u…

Louisianan 5-Year-Old Pint-Sized Hero Saves Her Blind Grandmother From Burning Home

5-Year-Old Pint-Sized Hero Saves Her Blind Grandmother From Burning Home: Cloe Woods, a five-year-old from Kenner, La., is being hailed a hero after she led her blind grandmother to safety when the stove in her home caught fire early Wednesday morning.

When it comes to Fire Safety, there is no age limit as to when or why training is necessary today.  According to, FEMA assists approximately 17,500 people a year that are injured because of fire.  Of those 17,500 people, 3,400 die of fire and the dangers associated for everyone involves people with disabilities.  So how or why challenge this topic?  Well, FEMA notes that individuals with disabilities may have a more difficult time escaping during a fire and to test these type of emergencies means to prevent them from happening by taking actions ahead of time without the help of a caregiver, friend or relative.

Luckily, in the above caption story, a 5-year-old child was an available resource for her Blind grandmother.  Th…

The Who's Who At The Notable Parlor New York, Private Members Club And Event Space

Photo Credits:  @filthyrich2011 / Go Doctorate Go Media

Let's Get Social!  Let's Become An Affinity!  Where at he Parlor, Private Members Club and Event Space located at 286 Spring Street, New York, NY 10013, in the SOHO sector of New York City.  So what's on the menu for Journalism today?  It is definitely not the food at the Parlor, but here is a sample of their menu .  That's right Drinks!  And very expensive and exotic one's especially containing Blueberry's which I love so much!  And of course, let's not forget the Champagne.  It is every girls dream!  But that is not why Journalist let their hair down after work.

Journalist and Public Relations Consultants are also part of a wide range of upscale memberships to understand why and what stories fit into their Triangle of Communication today for New York residents.  As a former Culinary Performer, a collection of 150 complimentary dinners served exclusively to members only journalist i…

Another Voice Lost Too Soon For Social Justice, Educational Opportunities, and Support!

Live Stream of Homegoing Services for NABJ Founder Acel Moore A live stream link has been made available for NABJ Founder Acel Moore's homegoing service on Monday, February 22 at 9:00 a.m. Click here to view: Those who still wish to attend please see the information below. 
Homegoing Service: Grace Baptist Church 25 W. Johnson Street Philadelphia, PA 19144
Date: Monday, Feb. 22, 2016 Time: Viewing 9-11 a.m. Funeral service immediately following. To donate to the Acel Moore Journalism Scholarship Fund, click here.
An advocacy group established in 1975 in Washington, D.C., NABJ is the largest organization for journalists of color in the nation, and provides career development as well as educational and other support to its members worldwide. For additional information, please visit

The Couture Fashion Week New York Fall 2016 Collections Redesigns "Haute Couture" For New York Human Rights Activists

Photo Credits By  @filthyrich2011/Go Doctorate Go Media

FNN Designer, Fatou Ndene Ndiaye (USA/Senegal) rocked Couture Fashion Week New York last night with here breathtaking styles from Senegal.  Fatou's specialty is in Evening, Wedding, Cocktail dress, and any Special Occasion design a Queen would ever desire.  Haute Couture and Haute Couture accessories are designs that involve high-quality fashion sense lead by only Fashion Houses made to order.  It is too Expensive!  When dresses are upon request such as this, only is strapped with a Lawyer because the designs are originated from Paris and regulated by the commission through the Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Paris which in Paris.  In other words, these Goddesses are housed under the 1803 Napolean era.  These models require special attention from the Press because of the design made-to-order concept for the private clients whose man only wears Tailor-made suits.
For those Grandmother's that were equipped with…

The Couture Fashion Week Is Here.....What Are You Eating Today To Transform Your Beauty?

New York City --  The 23rd Season of the Couture Fashion Week begins this Friday, February 12 through February 14th, 2016, just in time for Valentine's Day.  Why is this event so important to the Fashion World?  Two reasons, Couture and Luxury Fashion.   Fashion and Beauty do not just begin with the experience of the ultimate high of the Visual Goddess today.  Fashion starts with the products that are ingested into the body to project Beauty.  Nutrition, Vitamins, Water and the incentive to maintain and preserve the newborn baby flawless skin begins here at the event of the Season.

Maintaining the ultimate lifestyle will always be a continuous investment for lifestyle experts ready to cater to your needs.  What other events will offer the Designers, the Performers & Artists, & the Sponsors that make the tickets happen in a showcased experience of garments and accessories, entertainment, art and luxury products and services, and lastly banging Parties and Receptions?  The …