Janet Jackson - The Great Forever (Audio Stream)

It's Called "The Great Forever" and the song is a unique contribution to "Black History Month!"  Thanks, Janet Jackson for forever applying meaning to our thoughts.  Unconditional Love today is to come to a self-realization of an experience with the Soul.  As a writer who suffered severe social disorder, a pilot was set based upon someone's offer to me to explore my fulfillment into his world.  The good news is I achieved a room full of thoughts written on paper about my hidden ability to share love again.  How?  By setting cultural expectations for myself to define my freedom, my desires, and my triangle with God.

You see for "The Black Church" alternative medicine has also been a form of mind/body exposures using Chinese metaphysics of QiGong.  In other words, Esoteric practices for this writer to apply philosophy using energy, balance, and elements to use knowledge represented by one's environment.  One's destiny does not always inscribe a path to self-realization, one's potential using life's lessons is what opens the directions to what Ms. Jackson titles, "The Great Forever!"

So, when one travels such as Ms. Jackson, the sciences state that Astrology, Reading, Medicine, along with Face Readings assist with generating understanding using phases of interactions.  Enough of the blogger/news writer, Well Written Lyrics!!!!


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