The Couture Fashion Week Is Here.....What Are You Eating Today To Transform Your Beauty?

New York City --  The 23rd Season of the Couture Fashion Week begins this Friday, February 12 through February 14th, 2016, just in time for Valentine's Day.  Why is this event so important to the Fashion World?  Two reasons, Couture and Luxury Fashion.   Fashion and Beauty do not just begin with the experience of the ultimate high of the Visual Goddess today.  Fashion starts with the products that are ingested into the body to project Beauty.  Nutrition, Vitamins, Water and the incentive to maintain and preserve the newborn baby flawless skin begins here at the event of the Season.

Maintaining the ultimate lifestyle will always be a continuous investment for lifestyle experts ready to cater to your needs.  What other events will offer the Designers, the Performers & Artists, & the Sponsors that make the tickets happen in a showcased experience of garments and accessories, entertainment, art and luxury products and services, and lastly banging Parties and Receptions?  The answer is none when it comes to becoming a Goddess within a Goddess movement.  Goddess worship is a widespread spritiual practice or belief that draws reaction to the preceptions of an organized religion focused on the Couture woman within a male dominated world.  Self-identification within a Goddess worshipper at a Couture Fashion Week event means to theoretically worship the many different cultures and varieties of an unique occupation using dressmaking and designing origined from the 1920's French sewing dressmaking era.  The elite crowd!  The understood!  The authority!  The instructions of the client!  The YOU!  

This year's Spring 2016 designers will feature some of the Badest Award-Winning Designers of Global Fashion that transforms lust into eatable trajectories of language and conceptulization only explained within a Gallary of Fashion GPS Mapping set by the speaker of this event.

Come and meet some of the Designes for Spring 2016 at:

And remember to hashtag:  #CFW2016


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