The Couture Fashion Week New York Fall 2016 Collections Redesigns "Haute Couture" For New York Human Rights Activists

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FNN Designer, Fatou Ndene Ndiaye (USA/Senegal) rocked Couture Fashion Week New York last night with here breathtaking styles from Senegal.  Fatou's specialty is in Evening, Wedding, Cocktail dress, and any Special Occasion design a Queen would ever desire.  Haute Couture and Haute Couture accessories are designs that involve high-quality fashion sense lead by only Fashion Houses made to order.  It is too Expensive!  When dresses are upon request such as this, only is strapped with a Lawyer because the designs are originated from Paris and regulated by the commission through the Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Paris which in Paris.  In other words, these Goddesses are housed under the 1803 Napolean era.  These models require special attention from the Press because of the design made-to-order concept for the private clients whose man only wears Tailor-made suits.

For those Grandmother's that were equipped with their own sewing machine and understood the Railroads and Steamships, Fatou Nedene Ndiaye is a private language used by the many footsteps of the French and most Famously known by younger designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin, Andre Courreges, Ted Lapidus and Emanuel Ungaro.  Japan later adopted haute couture Paris-based fashion by Japanese native, Hanae Mori, who graduated from the Tokyo Women's Christian University.  Hanae Mori's collections were presented on the runways of Paris and New York as haute couture designs.   So, what is the "High" or "Elegance" today in a business that designs, creates, and sells custom-made, high fashion made to order women's clothes?  It is called the regulated Business woman out of the Syndical Chamber for Haute Couture in Paris who is a member of a few that cater and present her collected purchases only twice a year.  

Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, and Pierre Cardin contributed over a Billion dollars a year in sales within this Fashion Social Justice Movement.  The Human Rights Law for New Yorkers is now being re-advocated to reduce the scars and continued mental anguish sparked by the 1960s political activists who paved the way for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender individuals in club, restaurants, and other public places to receive the Red Carpet recognition straight from the White House in Washington, DC.  For most supporters of the Haute Couture Fashion, Fatou Ndene Ndiaye from the USA/Senegal area is a safe place to experience magic, freedom, employment equality, and the de-pathologization of rights of police brutality due to the "Whore" concept of the Photographer's that protest the relationships today, of the police and the transgenders that are lost to unnecessary violence of social justice movements.

So, you see today, what you eat, wear, and express all affect the depathologization of gender expressions, trajectories, and identities to continue to fight for educational, family, social and legal contexts of the fundamental rights to protect human rights of trans people in New York to maintain healthcare that Governor Cuomo misunderstood in his cuts to ban "Conversion Therapy" in New York State on February 6, 2016.   Unfortunately, Haute Couture Fashions typically require three fittings, and it takes up to or over 100 hours to make one dress ranging from $26,000 to $100,000.   Even a tailored suit starts at $16,000, and if the man has a date for the evening, an evening gown will cost you, at least, $60,000 to make.

The good news for this designer, Fatou Ndene Ndiaye, Feminist researchers are addressing the scientific discourse and clinical protocols to this "continuous state of pathologization, discrimination, and social exclusion of trans all over the world.  

For more information regarding the Trans people movement to protect their human rights, please contact:

Amets Suess Schwend, Grupo de Investigacion Otras.  Perspectivas Feministas en Investigacion Social, Universidad de Granada Escuela Andaluza de Salud Publica

Phone:  +34 958 02 74 00



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