Trevor Jackson - Here I Come [Official Music Video]

What Jackson Is This?  The projection of his voice remains me of someone from the Lion King.  This singing sensation is only 19 years old and has designed his business model around a triangle of reality. Wow!  Young discovery and deception.  Lust is a wicked thing to understand yet it is also important during "Black History Month."  How often does a young boy wonder what color panties his girlfriends mother is wearing?  Will that thought be for the street corner discussion at such a young tender age or will that discussion be for the telephone chat room of children?

For Black women without Husbands in the home, challenges are presented to Mother's who have busy schedules but wonder what type children they are raising.  The expectations of Black males at the age of 19 years old is not to get married, but to explore with is behind the desk of the Corporate successful woman today and yesterday.  So how is LOVE defined today for Blacks?  Has anything changed for the Black unwed parent?  How is success interpreted by our youth?

Fifteen years ago, I experienced the same scenario except my 13-year-old daughter's boyfriend challenged my legitimacy or illegitimacy of my underwear.  And as a result of that, in 2003, a young Black man unlawfully touched me using public consciousness fro the 1965 era to stamp my 12-year-old son's birth certificate that same way.  What a tangled pathology!  So, who do I blame?  My daughter for her nutritional values or myself for being a "Queen" that look younger than my daughter? The takeaway here is......who's to blame for Black Behavior?  Black Problems or Black Education?  Opportunity today is not the debate within the Black Community, it is the ONLINE Movement of the strong Black Woman!

Do Not Lose Your Way Today!  Continue to Fight For Oneness inside of your purse!


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