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How Does Oppression Affect Or Violate A Woman's Human Rights Today In New York City?

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New York City --  As talks are underway for the NYC Human Rights Law 819, has anyone taken a look at Title 8 of the Administrative Code of the City of New York, "Discriminatory Harassment?'  When a person interferes with one's freedom, liberty, or free exercise of religion under the First Amendment, to threaten, intimidate, or coerce a person (especially a person with a mobility disability), that person's rights have been violated under that constitution or laws of the United States.

The blogger wrote an affidavit on March 2, 2016, after careful examination of State of New York practices motivated by hate for an unaccepted condition to understand closer why a person of Honorable status would alienate or ostracize a vulnerable woman under the Commission on Human Rights to violate an order.  When such acts occur against vulnerable women or have been recognized by vulnerable women using recordings (medical errors, …

Public Awareness Is An Action Plan That Most Newark Youth Are Not Benefiting From Today?

Newark, NJ --  What are the Challenge, Action, and Results to owning distressed property in the City of Newark, NJ when contamination has infected all of the public school systems today?   The elevated levels of lead due to the lack of infrastructure and soil not being maintained property has caused officials to take action on a Federal Level today.  It has been said that Newark Public Schools retesting the water levels in the Newark school systems, but prior samples were pulled in a discovery of unprepared adaptions to a predicament that failed to train and educate resilency to one of the largest counties in the United States.

What are the protocols to collecting water samples from pipes that have never been replaced based upon the numerous reports from the Weather Ambassadors, Spotters, and Meteorologist!  Why has over 17,000 children in the City of Newark who call out for Text Books to understand adaption measures based upon their cultural proudness deprived of the opportunities …

The Empire State Has Recognized Greatness Today For Irish Americans With The Proclamation Seal Proclaiming ST. PATRICK'S DAY

New York City - Governor Andrew Cuomo has personally forwarded the Proclamation to my email to mark, March 17, 2016, as a day of "ST. PATRICK'S DAY" to remember rich customs and heritage of those memories and teachings shared amongst Irish Americans today.  St. Patrick's Day events, dinners, and celebrations will mark the support of Irish culture and Origins of names marked under the Irish culture.  As translations and messages continue to whisper around the Great State of New York, remember the continued spirit of good fun, contributions, and traditions rooted for becoming "Irish for a Day" marked by Governor Andrew Cuomo's Proclamation.

Wear Green!  Dance Green!  Be Irish American Today!

City Of Newark Places A Drinking Water Ban Of Public And Charter Schools

Newark, NJ --  It has been one year since the publication, "What Is Your Predicament?  Leadership since Michael Brown and Freddie Gray's death broadcasted in the media have forced Water Bans in several areas of the United States leaving children and parents to place a shift in redesigning "Characterized Leadership."  Different groups handle different issues in a time of crisis to innovate ideas using expert "Think Tanks" to steward "Your" change.  What about "Your" adaption policies?

In recent reports, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has published several reports regarding New Jersey's largest school district, the City of Newark, New Jersey.  Unfortunately, evidence-based approaches under a managed chaos umbrella did not oppose the subject of "Water" which is an element of survival in a time of crisis.  How did this topic get away and Who is managing advocacy to aid in "Seeing Our Choices" to sup…