City Of Newark Places A Drinking Water Ban Of Public And Charter Schools

Newark, NJ --  It has been one year since the publication, "What Is Your Predicament?  Leadership since Michael Brown and Freddie Gray's death broadcasted in the media have forced Water Bans in several areas of the United States leaving children and parents to place a shift in redesigning "Characterized Leadership."  Different groups handle different issues in a time of crisis to innovate ideas using expert "Think Tanks" to steward "Your" change.  What about "Your" adaption policies?

In recent reports, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has published several reports regarding New Jersey's largest school district, the City of Newark, New Jersey.  Unfortunately, evidence-based approaches under a managed chaos umbrella did not oppose the subject of "Water" which is an element of survival in a time of crisis.  How did this topic get away and Who is managing advocacy to aid in "Seeing Our Choices" to support what happened and what is required to make necessary monitoring needed for the poor communities.  It has been reported that approximately 30 schools have tested positive for lead contamination which proposes a serious health risk to children.  The Newark Public Schools were notified by the state Department of Environmental Protection on Monday during an annual testing session by inspectors.  When cold weather hit our region like the last Nor'easter last month, freezing and thawing to lead piping occurs causing the conditions to change to lead.  Unstable atmospheric climate and surface microclimate disturbances are not always friendly to cold region areas which cause soil temperatures to solidify and deform.  Geotechnical implications occur, and highways, airports, buildings, and pipelines must be monitored for designed problems, just like global warming emissions of gasses.

To date, notices have been posted in the Public Schools and bottled water and water coolers were delivered to school buildings in the City of Newark.

A hotline has been established for Newark residents how to have Lead questions regarding the current DEP report at 973-733-7337.  For Newark residents concerned for homes with lead pipes, please contact your local water department.  It has been reported by the City of Newark water department, for older structure homes, please run your water for 30 secs to two minutes before use.


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