Public Awareness Is An Action Plan That Most Newark Youth Are Not Benefiting From Today?

Newark, NJ --  
What are the Challenge, Action, and Results to owning distressed property in the City of Newark, NJ when contamination has infected all of the public school systems today?   The elevated levels of lead due to the lack of infrastructure and soil not being maintained property has caused officials to take action on a Federal Level today.  It has been said that Newark Public Schools retesting the water levels in the Newark school systems, but prior samples were pulled in a discovery of unprepared adaptions to a predicament that failed to train and educate resilency to one of the largest counties in the United States.

What are the protocols to collecting water samples from pipes that have never been replaced based upon the numerous reports from the Weather Ambassadors, Spotters, and Meteorologist!  Why has over 17,000 children in the City of Newark who call out for Text Books to understand adaption measures based upon their cultural proudness deprived of the opportunities to expand beyond a organic vegetable garden today?  Numerous Fire Prevention measures and unanswered permits in the City of Newark has left the residents to place a General Force of Revolution on small time volunteer bloggers who love preservation, yet are attacked by Gang coercions to announce the true meaning of what the city's health department has never offered until today ~ lead poisoning.

Why has the City of Newark failed to announce the distressed properties where most of the children reside and have been drinking water in their homes.  Is it just the water?  According to a most recent report obtained by the City, multiply resolutions have flooded the Ras J. Baraka administration to cause Judge's to remove their robes in court for a $3,000 answer under the Mirani defense.  Will the Mayor announce funding the the Landlords that open housing businesses in the area to address what has been recorded other than the "Lead Poisoning Problem?'  The Mayor has YouTube the "Hearing of the Citizens" for help on Gang announcements, but the Mayor needs to YouTube the "Hearing of the Citizens" for solutions to the hidden dirty Ecosystem expertise of Surge Suppressor Fires due to the lack of engineering skills to detect the fire behind the walls of wet weather properties.

Will The Citizens of the City of Newark continue to remain inside of a swimming pool of death today?  Or will the Citizens of the City of Newark stand and force Congression action to legislate changed for the distressed youth and vulnerable people in the area to enforce action?


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