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Willie's Chicken Shack Has Expanded The Economy For New Orleans

Photo Credits By - Denise Fitzgerald (Go Doctorate Go Media)
Photo Credits By - Denise Fitzgerald (Go Doctorate Go Media)
New Orleans, LA ~   As the porch talk series continue while on business in the State of Louisiana, discussions with the local French Quarters business named "Willie's Chicken Shack"  According to the one of the representatives at Willie's Chicken Shack, the economy is plagued with Blacks being incarcerated, challenges still faced by Hurricane Katrina, and an influx in tourism expansions which keeps the local merchants/small businesses alive and open to Acts of Legislature.  
However, understanding the meaning of the causes in today's economy for educational challenges, the spokes person ellaborated about the possibilities of FRANCISING !  With high quality programs and services in place to enable this economic dream of early learning to keep the legacy going for Willie's Chicken Shack.  Special education is not the …

How Often Do You Enjoy "Free TOURS By Foot" Under New York City Tourism?

Freelance Tour Guide ~ NYC
                                                                                                                 Crack On The Wall

New York City ~  Taking a tour during "Immigrant Heritage Week" is no easy task today, especially when the trip involves radical social justice, socialism, and innovative social media to get your historical point across to your targeted audience.  If you like food, walking, and understanding why the drug "crack" kills, then "Free TOURS by Foot" is the next platform for you to take.  Freelance tour guides are generous with information, just like my "faithful lover" who guides or leads intimacy within thought and why public relations matters all for FREE.

It is nothing like understanding why a price is placed on one's knowledge during an impressive New York sightseeing tour in the SOHO District of Manhattan.  Instructions for writing your next Master "Religious" Thesis can tra…

A Memorial For The Late Singer, Prince Will Be Held At Paisley park Memorial Today

Carver Co. Sheriff ~ The City of Chanhassen and Carver County Sheriff's Office, have issued a press release on behalf of the late Singer, Prince.

A memorial service will be held today at Paisley Park, located at Audubon Road.  According to the Sheriff, plans are underway to open the doors to mourners for a safe viewing of the area of the memorial at Paisley Park today.  Visitors are encouraged to park your vehicles and follow the trails and unerpasses while visiting the City of Chanhassen for this event.  All visitors are asked to please be respectful of each other and the property owners of paisley park along with the surrounding areas.

Singer, Icon, and Legendary "Prince" Rodgers Nelson Dead at 57

Carver County Sheriff Reports - (Breaking News)

It has been confirmed that the singer, "Prince" Rodgers Nelson was found unresponsive in his $10 million dollar home from possible complications of the Flu.  Although reports have not been confirmed to the cause of his death, TMZ has reported through a 911 social media dispatch report click here: that a man is down and in need of a paramedic.

Prince, just recently in performing in Atlanta, Georgia last week under his ticketed Tour "Piano & Microphone" PRINCE, apparently did not show any signs of being ill to his fans although statements have been made regarding not "Praying for Him" due to his passion for entertaining his fans last week.

According to Prince's tour schedule on, Prince cultivated vibrant stage persona, and as a personal Fan since childhood, Prince was a gifted artist famously known in 1979 for his hits and stage performances with Morris Da…

How Do You Eradicate Sexual Violence For A Cause Today?

Washington, DC (Press Release) ~ The "It's On Us" Student Advisory Committee has been able to work with great groups of leadership from different campuses, majors, and backgrounds who are all dedicated to the same cause - eradicating sexual violence.

Working with committee's such an "It's On Us" campaigns to change the life not only for college students but for other people on other college campuses under the United States Naval Academy.

As a committed eradicator, I am committed to help open the eyes of my future peers on how groups must step up when the duty calls for change.  By informing future leaders in and out of the military, recognition is a shared responsibility to protect the men and women whom we serve, both military and civilian.

Now is the chance of a lifetime to grow the movement.  It's On Us is launching their second year of the Student Advisory Committee and they're looking for students to make a real change on college campuses.

How Will Your Groom Through Down Your Next Love Affair After Your Wedding?

Go Doctorate Go Media can also be found under the menu, please click onto the link below and read about the 2016 NYC Couture Fashion Week Events:

Cristiano Licci Presents His Latest Couture Bridal Samples To The Public At New York International Bridal Week Pier 92

Photo Credits By @filthyrich2011 / Go Doctorate Go Media

Designer, Cristiano Lucci presents elegance at the New York International Bridal Show this weekend.  April 16 - 18, 2016.  The Couture Bridal gowns are made with "Love" in mind and the feature gown in the picture is Italian-inspired to accentuate a young bride.

Book your next dream with Cristiano Licci at

Casa Blanca Bridal Presents 2016 Collections At The NYC International Bridal Week

Photo Credits By  @filthyrich2011/Go Doctorate Go Media

Every bride-to-be dreams of becoming the next innovation in the hottest fashion statement of love.  Today, in an industry that is aggressively keeping up with the needs and body shapes under the umbrella of global language, brides are offering their backs out for the public to understand why freedom of choice was not announced.  Casa Blanca has exceeded in accentuating tomorrow's bride for today's groom in the market of fashion.  Bravo!

Please Visit:

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