How Do You Eradicate Sexual Violence For A Cause Today?

Washington, DC (Press Release) ~ The "It's On Us" Student Advisory Committee has been able to work with great groups of leadership from different campuses, majors, and backgrounds who are all dedicated to the same cause - eradicating sexual violence.

Working with committee's such an "It's On Us" campaigns to change the life not only for college students but for other people on other college campuses under the United States Naval Academy.

As a committed eradicator, I am committed to help open the eyes of my future peers on how groups must step up when the duty calls for change.  By informing future leaders in and out of the military, recognition is a shared responsibility to protect the men and women whom we serve, both military and civilian.

Now is the chance of a lifetime to grow the movement.  It's On Us is launching their second year of the Student Advisory Committee and they're looking for students to make a real change on college campuses.

The application deadline is May 4th, so you still have time to head over and apply!  Please click  here and apply!

It's On Us to have the courage to stand up and speak out or get out and become social as I did when I met my new spouse after nine years of becoming Socially Disordered. Please help "It's On Us to Prevent Sexual Assault and support survivors.


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