How Often Do You Enjoy "Free TOURS By Foot" Under New York City Tourism?

 Freelance Tour Guide ~ NYC
                                                                                                                 Crack On The Wall

New York City ~  Taking a tour during "Immigrant Heritage Week" is no easy task today, especially when the trip involves radical social justice, socialism, and innovative social media to get your historical point across to your targeted audience.  If you like food, walking, and understanding why the drug "crack" kills, then "Free TOURS by Foot" is the next platform for you to take.  Freelance tour guides are generous with information, just like my "faithful lover" who guides or leads intimacy within thought and why public relations matters all for FREE.

It is nothing like understanding why a price is placed on one's knowledge during an impressive New York sightseeing tour in the SOHO District of Manhattan.  Instructions for writing your next Master "Religious" Thesis can transform to life from the next President Kennedy era all experienced in an affordable manner ~ just like a 3 hour hotel conference visit.  When instructions are FREE, it means that your thoughts were so advanced in intellect to the selection of radical change that the Freelance Tour Guide takes you where ever you would like to go to get high on knowledge.  "Put Your Hands On The Wall!"  No you are not being arrested, you are visualizing Art, Culture, and History that demanded a statement by an Artist only real SOCIAL JUSTICE Photographers can orgasimicly understand.

The SOHO District in Manhattan offers sight seeing tours of Wall Street, the World Trade Center, and even Lower Manhattan Tours ~ including filling and  "Eating From The Best Resturants" within SoHo, Little Italy and Chinatown.  Someone once told me that Knowledge is FREE when it is culturally appreciated and centered wthin the tours of Brooklyn.  "I WILL GIVE YOU ALL OF MY MONEY......", but before I do, it is 7 o'clock and I must pick someone up first.

If you prefer a Private Tour, Free TOURS By Foot also offers guides by just calling or emailing for justice.  The next time you are in New York City and a Holiday falls out of the sky (nice weather), contact

Free Tours by Foot offers pay-what-you-like walking, bike, bus, food, theme, and neighborhoood tours.

Remember when you are paying by the hour to get intimate, remember who is putting the money on the table for the knowledge.


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