Singer, Icon, and Legendary "Prince" Rodgers Nelson Dead at 57

Carver County Sheriff Reports - (Breaking News)

It has been confirmed that the singer, "Prince" Rodgers Nelson was found unresponsive in his $10 million dollar home from possible complications of the Flu.  Although reports have not been confirmed to the cause of his death, TMZ has reported through a 911 social media dispatch report click here: that a man is down and in need of a paramedic.

Prince, just recently in performing in Atlanta, Georgia last week under his ticketed Tour "Piano & Microphone" PRINCE, apparently did not show any signs of being ill to his fans although statements have been made regarding not "Praying for Him" due to his passion for entertaining his fans last week.

According to Prince's tour schedule on, Prince cultivated vibrant stage persona, and as a personal Fan since childhood, Prince was a gifted artist famously known in 1979 for his hits and stage performances with Morris Day and the Times, featured in San Francisco.  The film "Purple Rain" starring Apollonian, Morris Day and the Times, and Prince was also a favorite hit amongst 1979 Fans for it's originality of "Love & Sexuality" regarding women.  Grammy Award winning, ten multi-platinum album producer and the icon of the 33 record player is now gone home to another universe.

Stay tuned for more details regarding how another eccentric singer has left their Fans too soon from this world of Black Genesis, one day after Harriet Tubman increased the wealth for Blacks today on the $20 dollar bill.


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