Willie's Chicken Shack Has Expanded The Economy For New Orleans

                          Photo Credits By - Denise Fitzgerald (Go Doctorate Go Media)
Photo Credits By - Denise Fitzgerald (Go Doctorate Go Media)

New Orleans, LA ~   As the porch talk series continue while on business in the State of Louisiana, discussions with the local French Quarters business named "Willie's Chicken Shack"  According to the one of the representatives at Willie's Chicken Shack, the economy is plagued with Blacks being incarcerated, challenges still faced by Hurricane Katrina, and an influx in tourism expansions which keeps the local merchants/small businesses alive and open to Acts of Legislature.  

However, understanding the meaning of the causes in today's economy for educational challenges, the spokes person ellaborated about the possibilities of FRANCISING !  With high quality programs and services in place to enable this economic dream of early learning to keep the legacy going for Willie's Chicken Shack.  Special education is not the root causes for the lack of referrals to eradicate the economic growth in the food and beverage business, but implementing reform strategies into practice will assist this entreprenuerial business like this one to mirror President Obama's Executive Order, under the U.S. Department of Educational Initiative to ensure that all African Americans prepare for college or a productive career today.

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