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Appreciating Water Inside Gods Garden


The most important thing to understand about nature is to know why God provided the fundamental elements essential to survive ~ Water!  As a alumni of Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs, CO, the first thing when arriving at the venue is a mandatory tour of the Garden of the Gods.  You will not attain a spiritual transformation upon Graduation if the mountain top and everything inside and around it is not captured within a Doctoral lens.

So why must we or one become spiritually awakened to underpin the many ways to describe so many things?  One answer is LOVE.  Everything from a preference for is contained within the answers of the cravings of life that merges with everything under Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.  To get to this point in your life in the picture means that one has become so rich in understanding nature from their own experiences t…

The Venezuelan Government Has Declared A Health Emergency!

Venezuelan Social Media News -  It has been reported as a Health Emergency when the Venezuelan government can not pull together resources or medical equipment to take care of the population.  Many Venezuelans die as a result of missing medical supplies.  So what happens when a Socialist Country can not get help within a Whole System?

Do you riot?  Do you seek economic promotion from the United States?  What happened to all of the food if there is no health care?  Wow!  Who funds these broadcasts to get the word out for medical supply help?  How can a Venezuelan business like this out live their vision?  Is this an economic crisis?

Global imperatives like this is a Generation formulated to summarize issues that must address the world over the next century.  Changing how businesses manage to enhance nature is creating a whole new society of eaters.  Blah!  What are Venezuelans eating if the Habitant has died?  Does Venezuelans regenerate or promote social justice to increase capacity t…

Is Police Boycotts A Necessary Revolution To Explain The Beyonce Formation (Clean) Tour Lack Of Security?

It has been ten years since Hurricane Katrina and Beyonce born September 4, 1981, is making a conversation about her culture in the hit video Formation (Clean).  Imagine that!  It took a major event for the police unions to react against "What Just Happened?"   Why Boycott?  Systemic Structures such as water, fisheries, and bathtubs underlie our population.  If we fail to think about the dynamics of our population who will?

The Formation Tour ~ explains the connections of reality in a repeated pattern and practice of emergency management and why water is an essential element to living......So what contributes to one's safety and security be remain culturally correct today?  What Shout Out must we send or understand to bring answers to questions that only take a minute to respond to ~ WATER?   SAFETY.  SECURITY.

Companies today are constantly undergoing systemic understanding to bring changes that will affect the long run to preventing the population collapse.  Without M…

When Your Mind Is Made Up To "Honor Thy Mother," McDonald's Gospelfest Will Deliver Greatness

Photo Credit:  @filthyrich2011/GoDoctorateGo Media

The Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey hosted their annual Mother's Day McDonald's Gospelfest 2016 to enlighten the audience with God's Blessing spiritually .  Good News Bibles are designed to deliver English within the United States to paraphrase News.  Just as Bishop Hezekiah Walker has offered to all Mother's on the glorious day of honoring the man for his Good Name to reproduce and create Mother's.  New Style hymns are usually thought for thought translations to stimulate the meaning of the Holy Spirit or its equivalence.

It was a standing ovation of joy to see Bishop Hezekiah Walker illuminate the Prudential Center World with group Gospel under a crusade campaign.  Everyday language, everyday songs, yet translated to draw in millions to endorse God's word.

Bravo performance!

Forever Grateful That Media Matters To The Youth Of Tomorrow!

Photo Credit:  @filthyrich2011 / Go Doctorate Go Media

My little cousin was so ecstatic to hear the name "Beyonce" in the Louisiana Parishes that she wanted to be just like "Kelly Rowland" and capture a Selfie with my digital camera in hopes that one day a celebrity would visit the Parish to entertain them.  Wow!  No Bible Study?  As a Social Media Public Relations Voice you get the opportunity to share and tell stories outside of the storybook at a child's bedside.  Children or shall I say Youth get excited when celebrity names are mentioned in their households that are iconically watched on television.  

Imagine my media one day being parked inside of the Lincoln Parish Interactive Book Shelf based upon the Voting Rights and Democratic Process of the Louisiana Parishes.  Did somebody call me?  The real Voting Rights of Enforcement began when a complaint was lodged amongst the Black Louisianans that have used the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  Louisiana Politics…

Historical Black Colleges In The South Are The Foundation Of "The Black Church" Today!

Photo Credit:   @filthyrich2011 / GoDoctorateGoMedia

Show me your roots today?  As Porch Talks continue in the Grambling area of Louisiana right down the street from my Great Aunt & Uncle's 6 Bedroom two story home, I remember when I was 13 years old, and there was plenty of food on the table at my Grandmother's house.

Tea cakes to carry you out on the Interstate 80 straight into California from Lousiana.  Stopping on the side of the road to rest or change drivers as a self-determination way to protest freedom.  Speaking to me in Choctaw-English out of respect for my father who was born in Mississippi.   Blacks or Coloreds could not sleep inside hotels, sit inside restaurants, or drink clean water.  Why were Blacks forced to sit on the "Back" seat of a bus?  Why was Rosa Parkers arrested over a full bus?  Why did the transportation almost get placed out of business due to her bold statement to sit in the front of the bus?  Why did Harriet Tubman run an undergr…