Appreciating Water Inside Gods Garden


The most important thing to understand about nature is to know why God provided the fundamental elements essential to survive ~ Water!  As a alumni of Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs, CO, the first thing when arriving at the venue is a mandatory tour of the Garden of the Gods.  You will not attain a spiritual transformation upon Graduation if the mountain top and everything inside and around it is not captured within a Doctoral lens.

So why must we or one become spiritually awakened to underpin the many ways to describe so many things?  One answer is LOVE.  Everything from a preference for is contained within the answers of the cravings of life that merges with everything under Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.  To get to this point in your life in the picture means that one has become so rich in understanding nature from their own experiences that it is innately hard to define if not spiritually enlightened within one's identity.  The use of self-begins here with no trace of the egoic mind that sets us apart from the very high and meaning that very few people qualitfy ~ "I do not allow everyone into my space!"

Water of course within the lens of this picture would mean to understand the opposite of appreciating Gods Garden and that everyone is enlightened when only awakened by consciousness.  For example, why Flint, Michigan experienced a major crisis of water contamination (lead).  A natural awareness begins within the Garden and one recognizes that the Voice proposed or the Word described is now a reference point to everyone for the usefulness to understand when and why to become enlightened.

So why combine the perspective of being all natural to recognize consciousness when one becomes infected to find a cure?    Do different people experience different awareness when it comes to the most important element of life ~ WATER?  Most one become intimate with God or Woman to expand upon sense making or self-realization beyond their ego for innate potential of oneness?  What really matters when it comes to spiritual awakening and the Essence right now?  Is it mental or a spiritual unfoldment defined by awareness?

One's flower will not open if the process of evolution is not subtle to nature and reproduction.  The DNA of a plant relies on WATER, just as a Woman relies on her existence of the world in a form to direct creation using a lens of expression that forms behind a Rose.  Remember in the role of inquiry, open your heart to gratitude and the compassionate approach to what is inside of the Garden of the Gods that must be purified using a versatile model to produce drinking WATER for a society advanced with complexity and water borne contaminants that pollute it inside of our lakes, streams, and wells.

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