Forever Grateful That Media Matters To The Youth Of Tomorrow!

Photo Credit:  @filthyrich2011 / Go Doctorate Go Media

My little cousin was so ecstatic to hear the name "Beyonce" in the Louisiana Parishes that she wanted to be just like "Kelly Rowland" and capture a Selfie with my digital camera in hopes that one day a celebrity would visit the Parish to entertain them.  Wow!  No Bible Study?  As a Social Media Public Relations Voice you get the opportunity to share and tell stories outside of the storybook at a child's bedside.  Children or shall I say Youth get excited when celebrity names are mentioned in their households that are iconically watched on television.  

Imagine my media one day being parked inside of the Lincoln Parish Interactive Book Shelf based upon the Voting Rights and Democratic Process of the Louisiana Parishes.  Did somebody call me?  The real Voting Rights of Enforcement began when a complaint was lodged amongst the Black Louisianans that have used the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  Louisiana Politics are very strong amongst the Parishes and so are the Banks!  The minute I posted an Affidavit of Marriage to a Retired Judge at the beginning of March during Treaty seasaon amongst Natives, no one in the City of New York know what I meant.  (I am still scratching my head to get a Sense of Self!)  A Bubble is formed when an individual places force on soapy water to enhance the size of the individual's voice.  Yet, since May 8, 2015, when my official press release was broadcasted in the public online newspaper, I discovered a severe language barrier.  How do you measure Elected Officials Today?  How Do You Measure The Right To Bear Arms Today?  How Do You Account For The Confederates who still hang their flags high on the Highways of the Parish to discuss their history with their children using a do not tresspass symbol near the mailbox?

Now that the Rights of Blacks have been established today to Vote, where are the observers to influence change?  Porch Talks have ended amongst the Black & White Louisianans for now, but a new Sheriff or form of Democracy in the South has just passed through the Wind.  Everyone has their Church hats ready including my little cousin who enjoys the next Ida Wells journalism of Social Justice Go Doctorate Go Media will deliver this year.

The Celebrities will still be the primary focus driving the Social Justice Voice, but change will only happen when you influence it!  Move over "Black Lives Matter" we did not hear you in the wind....#socialjustice


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