Is Police Boycotts A Necessary Revolution To Explain The Beyonce Formation (Clean) Tour Lack Of Security?

It has been ten years since Hurricane Katrina and Beyonce born September 4, 1981, is making a conversation about her culture in the hit video Formation (Clean).  Imagine that!  It took a major event for the police unions to react against "What Just Happened?"   Why Boycott?  Systemic Structures such as water, fisheries, and bathtubs underlie our population.  If we fail to think about the dynamics of our population who will?

The Formation Tour ~ explains the connections of reality in a repeated pattern and practice of emergency management and why water is an essential element to living......So what contributes to one's safety and security be remain culturally correct today?  What Shout Out must we send or understand to bring answers to questions that only take a minute to respond to ~ WATER?   SAFETY.  SECURITY.

Companies today are constantly undergoing systemic understanding to bring changes that will affect the long run to preventing the population collapse.  Without Mental Models to help us to think or allow us to think about a situation whether current (Flint, Michigan - Lead Water Issues) or (Newark, NJ - Lead Water Issues) or (Hurricane Katrina - lack of emergency preparedness), then who will "Free The People....?"

Extrpolationists believe there will always be fish!

Remember the Titanic - we might as well go down first class?

Bummer - there is nothing we can do about it!

The Invisible Hand - technology or someone/something will take care of it!


Greed - I want a lot and I do not care about the's just a game!

So where does the police come into this picture of wreaking the safety message and becoming Rosa Parks?  Will the public support the lack of understanding the stage model here to prevent biological and physiological needs, safety needs, love and belongingness needs, how about esteem needs or even Self-Actualization needs for children who seek personal growth from their experiences?

Bravo to Beyonce for an excellent mental model presentation to set the boundaries on thinking with such assumptions imposed upon First Responders.  We will drown without their help, so why Boycott a business that builds the stewardship ethic to help key players realize we all share a common support when it comes to learning.


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