The Venezuelan Government Has Declared A Health Emergency!

Venezuelan Social Media News -  It has been reported as a Health Emergency when the Venezuelan government can not pull together resources or medical equipment to take care of the population.  Many Venezuelans die as a result of missing medical supplies.  So what happens when a Socialist Country can not get help within a Whole System?

Do you riot?  Do you seek economic promotion from the United States?  What happened to all of the food if there is no health care?  Wow!  Who funds these broadcasts to get the word out for medical supply help?  How can a Venezuelan business like this out live their vision?  Is this an economic crisis?

Global imperatives like this is a Generation formulated to summarize issues that must address the world over the next century.  Changing how businesses manage to enhance nature is creating a whole new society of eaters.  Blah!  What are Venezuelans eating if the Habitant has died?  Does Venezuelans regenerate or promote social justice to increase capacity to understand why different perspectives matter?  These concerns are now your concerns now that President Obama has step into this larger picture of business realities.

What are your thoughts on this environmental impact of the lack of products to manufacture, transport, or launder?  What a shock to new world order today?  And you thought it was just cold water.  This is a global warming nightmare.


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