When Your Mind Is Made Up To "Honor Thy Mother," McDonald's Gospelfest Will Deliver Greatness

Photo Credit:  @filthyrich2011/GoDoctorateGo Media

The Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey hosted their annual Mother's Day McDonald's Gospelfest 2016 to enlighten the audience with God's Blessing spiritually .  Good News Bibles are designed to deliver English within the United States to paraphrase News.  Just as Bishop Hezekiah Walker has offered to all Mother's on the glorious day of honoring the man for his Good Name to reproduce and create Mother's.  New Style hymns are usually thought for thought translations to stimulate the meaning of the Holy Spirit or its equivalence.

It was a standing ovation of joy to see Bishop Hezekiah Walker illuminate the Prudential Center World with group Gospel under a crusade campaign.  Everyday language, everyday songs, yet translated to draw in millions to endorse God's word.

Bravo performance!


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