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What Is The Meaning Of the Declaration Of Independence For New Yorkers

New York ~ The United States of America was named after the birth of the Declaration of Independence to become an independent nation on July 2, 1776.  The significance of the Declaration of Independence for U.S. born citizens was to regain their rights against Great Britain by creating an American "rebellion" so that a "REVOLUTION" was recognized.  Englishmen fought in the war during April 19, 1775, until July 2, 1776, against colonists for this right to be independently free of what was taken by the British during 1763-1775.  No one wanted to pledge Allegiance to the British Crown in the Americas to be controlled by the English and the Scots.  As a result of colonization of the Americas, to end the British Empire in America rivaled by the Spanish American Colonies in military combat to expand the Caribbean economy, South America, most of Central America, and much of North America, the Spanish American wars of Independence ended in the emancipation of most Spanish…

The Online News Association Is Accepting Applications From Historically Black College University Students To Move Into Digital Journalism


​Applications are now open for the Online News Association's HBCU Digital Media Fellowship. If you know of some talented HBCU students, I'm asking you share the link to this program. It's a free ride to the Online News Association conference, where they will be in front of the movers and shakers in digital journalism. Please ask them to contact VP-Digital, NABJ Benet Wilson (  directly with any questions.

The New York Association Of Black Journalist Is Offering A Mentoring Opportunity For Their FirstTake High School Workshop

New York Release ~ This year's workshop will kick-off on Saturday, October 1, 2016, and FirstTakes is looking for professional journalists to help students with reporting, writing, videography, photography, video editing, social media and writing scripts for broadcast.

If you're not able to make this commitment, don't worry--there are other ways that you can give back to the next generation of journalists via mentoring and lending your digital media expertise. If interested, please send a note no later than July 18, 2016, to, tell the team a little about yourself, and the areas you’re able to assist FirstTake. See attached for more details. 

Brooklyn, New York Announces Intensive Studio Field Study Course For Young Artists

MAP @ LIU Brooklyn is a free summer intensive studio course and field study for serious young artists  interested in developing their portfolios.
If you are (or know!) a high school rising junior or rising senior and are interested in pursuing higher education in  the visual arts, this is the program for you. Classes are taught by practicing artists and college professors who specialize in drawing and painting. Deadline: June 30. Application attached. 

ABC NEWS Is Looking For Outstanding Talent From The New York Chapter Of Black Journalists

If you are a member of the New York Association of Black Journalist (NYABJ), please prepare your resumes.  If you are not a member of the NYABJ, then become one by logging into and register for fabulous training and job opportunities.


ABC NEWS has an opening for a Publicity Coordinator based in New York. This person will assist in the day to day operations of the ABC News Media Relations department. Responsibilities for the role include editing and distributing daily press clips, draft weekly memos on behalf of the Media Relations department, post press releases/announcements/advisories to the ABC News Pressroom blog, Tweet releases and PR related news for ABCNewsPR account; assist with social media strategy for ABC News publicity team and compiling media lists. Interested applicants should apply to either DisneyCareers.comusing Requisition ID: 374249, and also send resumes to

New York Association Of Black Journalists Will Be Hosting A Pre-Convention Mixer @Parkview Lounge!

New York Release ~ The time has come again this year for the New York Chapter of Black Journalists to mingle with fellow peers for their pre-NABJ convention mixer.  The event is free for all.  What the New York Chapter is requesting in exchange for your networking opportunities is a $5 dollar online donation upon sign up from now until July 21st to support NYABJ's First Take High School Journalism Workshop - an annual program that kicks off in the fall.

First Take is an eight week Journalism workshop that kicks off on Saturday, October 1, 2016.  The workshop looks for professional journalists to help high school students with reporting, writing, videography, photography, video editing, social media and writing scripts for broadcast for the next generation of journalists.

The NYABJ Pre-Convention Mixer @Parkview will begin on July 21, 2016 from 6 pm to 9 pm (EDT) at the Parkview Lounge - 10 Columbus Circle 4th Floor, New York, NY 10019

How Did You Get Interviewed?

New York ~ Last year Go Doctorate Go Media opened up a press release Bubble of Health & Wellness stories for the Black Community to understand the positive identities and acknowledgments documented by the signer of this media (after being interviewed by a Retired Judge).    An affirmation was later presented to the Celebrity public under the "ABC" rule....."I swear it was me!"  The truth, the Proof, so help me God!  After an overwhelming response of love acknowledged by the Black Community verified by photos, the reality has now set this platform free to affirm another Fist/Hand into the Holy Book.  I am, or I was Denise Fitzgerald, who told your stories and business models to provide a physical description of my identity ~ (a Black Native American).

Today, after numerous panel discussion, events, and concert appearances to understand the well-spoken words within the Black community, the first TWO MINUTE presentation promised to all of the Judges was used to fi…

How Much Is Your Mouth Worth?

New York ~ Go Doctorate Go Media took a Bubble Journal using Social Investments Stories of the Black Community last yearto understand the various characteristics of dialects.  The African American English (AAE) is still misdiagnosed for having an articulation disorder due to the over-representation of Black Distressed Students now infected by Lead.  Since the earmark of High Profile cases marking Black men in Ferguson, Staten Island, Ohio, and New York, psychologist, psychiatrist, sexologist, and moderators failed to understand the development of phonological explanations to culture and the American Standard English model ~ You or the Use Of Self.  The ability to talk about, reflect upon and manipulate sounds both written and spoken language predicted a literacy to perform accurately using variables of intelligence.  

How does one maintain cultural competence separate from the Foreigner managed under a Foreign Policy to increase their net worth today?  When does Diversity blend in a n…

Why Inform To Build Momentum Using Knowledge-Based Journalism Today?

Photo Credits ~ @filthyrich2011 / Go Doctorate Go Media

New York ~ Informing the public using debate is normally an esoteric transformation style of journalism using ethical and supported evidence back by press releases.  To unlock knowledge for people of New York to reflect upon or talk about is what matters today.  So, why post transformational ministry onto a Go Doctorate Go Media Blog?

The answer is the public, the clarity, and the insight into society's biggest problems for researchers like me and academics to provide insight into new and exciting possibilities for others to draw their conversations.  Engaging and learning from an experience or a news story creates an open site for people around the world to reflect sharing their best practices and collaborations for smart, sustainable solutions.  For many it creates the foundation of fact-finding or fact-based forum to discuss change free of commercial or political bias.  Hooray!

So what support can conversations under a Go D…