How Did You Get Interviewed?

New York ~ Last year Go Doctorate Go Media opened up a press release Bubble of Health & Wellness stories for the Black Community to understand the positive identities and acknowledgments documented by the signer of this media (after being interviewed by a Retired Judge).    An affirmation was later presented to the Celebrity public under the "ABC" rule....."I swear it was me!"  The truth, the Proof, so help me God!  After an overwhelming response of love acknowledged by the Black Community verified by photos, the reality has now set this platform free to affirm another Fist/Hand into the Holy Book.  I am, or I was Denise Fitzgerald, who told your stories and business models to provide a physical description of my identity ~ (a Black Native American).

Today, after numerous panel discussion, events, and concert appearances to understand the well-spoken words within the Black community, the first TWO MINUTE presentation promised to all of the Judges was used to fill a newsroom full of thoughts without the excessive use of the words, "um", "ahh", "so", "like", and "you know".  Gaps in filling pauses in the speech were never reduced within the Black community after listening to credible speakers and entertainers. The sounds of confident executives and subject matter experts formed a Four-Step process:

Awareness - of becoming a good listener during a telephone conversation (two minutes).

Recognizing Patterns - making sure that clients are not habitual in connecting communication to the interviewers ear.  Confirmations to what were said, and the recognition of patterns to the interviewers ear.

The Filler Word - making sure the "um" is never used during an interview.

Pausing - to thinking about what to say during speech patterns, voicemail messages, and working speech as a professional.

Today due to the unconfirmed identity of being married or unmarried, owning or creating children is  importance in recommending articles for a sound strategy in negotiating how one gets interviewed and confirmed under their cultural identity.  Spoken words is a sound tool strategy and a belief system that most Native Americans use to develop a good revitalization regional strategy.  Preparing to persuade in maintaining one's position to negotiate strength begins with "the law."


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