How Much Is Your Mouth Worth?

New York ~ Go Doctorate Go Media took a Bubble Journal using Social Investments Stories of the Black Community last year to understand the various characteristics of dialects.  The African American English (AAE) is still misdiagnosed for having an articulation disorder due to the over-representation of Black Distressed Students now infected by Lead.  Since the earmark of High Profile cases marking Black men in Ferguson, Staten Island, Ohio, and New York, psychologist, psychiatrist, sexologist, and moderators failed to understand the development of phonological explanations to culture and the American Standard English model ~ You or the Use Of Self.  The ability to talk about, reflect upon and manipulate sounds both written and spoken language predicted a literacy to perform accurately using variables of intelligence.  

How does one maintain cultural competence separate from the Foreigner managed under a Foreign Policy to increase their net worth today?  When does Diversity blend in a new Start of Living when so many Black students still possess spelling disorders, heightened awareness to sounds, and articulation disorders.  Can we really blame Sex for the limited access to books/libraries today?  What about the priorities and expectations of the parents?  What age does the hierarchy of development begin in regards to literacy?  African American Vernacular English or AAE, less precisely Black English is an ethnolect or dialect most commonly spoken by urban working-class Blacks driven by Political movements.

As a native speaker of culture revitalization, the value of you mouth is a mistaken dialect that needs a price tag!


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