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I Am Watching You And I Am Wearing Red!

    Investigative Photo Credits: Go Doctorate Go Media @filthyrich2011

Since 2001, the man in the picture has been stalking me over a Taxi Service went wrong.  Unlawful touching in the City of East Orange, NJ never gets address correctly for professionals.  Safe streets and sidewalks are not controlled by Gang Members of Cab Drivers today!  Safe streets are funded by governments to promote the correct transportation for licensed individuals to keep your address confidentially safe and not share your safety with gang lurkers who prey on the innocent.

When opting out to take a taxi that mingles with Gang wearing Red inside of driving or walking is probably the safest way to travel today to mitigate risk.  Baggers or Bootleggers outside of hailing a cab to place groceries in your car is not legally registered to a taxi.  Innocent people or guilty people trying to earn extra tax-free money can be the worse reason in allowing one into your privacy space.  Also, make sure that a taxi has o…

The Mary's Medicinals Transdermal Cannabis Patch Has Arrived!

New York City ~  On June 29, 2016, Mary's Medicinal announced new technology into the market of award-winning programs called the "Mary's Medicinals Patch."  The announcement spearheaded a revolution of tourists to travel to the State of Colorado to transform their spirituality into how people can utilize cannabis in a positive way.  Imagine Cancer, HIV, and AID's patients reaching the utmost potential using a Superior Thought process within their communities accurately to dose patch applications in an advanced delivery method.

The 2 x 2 square patches are available in THC Indica, THC Sativa, THCa, CBN and CBD: THC 1:1.  The piece can be worn and showered in for up to 12 hours for ultimate and instant pain relief.  Unfortunately, the patches are innovated as a canna-based product proprietary in Colorado and expanded only within California, Oregon, Vermont, and Arizona.  As more and more discussions to push the legalization of Cannabis Medicinals, additional stat…

How Much Is Your Mouth Worth Campaign?

New York City ~ As a supporter of Gay Rights and a Social Change/Justice activist, English and Spanish are spearheaded by the state constitution to specify an official language.  As an Educated Native American under the de facto law, revitalizing what "Your Mouth Is Worth" to alleviate poverty within my family legacy is a necessary legacy campaign.   For Native Americans, especially on United States Indian reservations and pueblos, territorial debate falls upon the continued SPOKEN LANGUAGE that is most often endangered (usually recorded by court dockets, interviews, essays, and repositories, etc.).  Dialects and Speakers in the Native American communities are most often classified as a Single Language due to historical or cultural reasons to prevent extinction.

Bilingualism de facto within the United States is a proposition that some states have acquired within their constitution, yet if there is no official language policy passed declaring English as the official language,…

Harassed In The State Of Colorado? I Thought It Was A Cannabis Tour?

Denver, Colorado ~ The Denver, Colorado Cannabis Tour was an incredible experience for the explorer that loves to hale plants.  People from all walks of life have joined the bus to tour the Great State of Colorado known as the Buffalo.  The tour offers a puff, pass and paint 2-hour session of getting STONED while expressing your best work using oil paint and canvas.  The instructor allows everyone to question the recent legislations on Cannabis and which states are next in line for approving the drug, as well as, express their own thoughts sparked by the instructions of the instructor.

Puff, Pass, and Cook (offered through is another tour that teachings participants how to cook using Cannabis oils and sugars extracted from the plant.  Church goes beware!  There is a new product on the market that can heal the sick and possess an outstanding flavor to go along with the product.  Essential oils or Nutritionals are still a hot commodity today as a substitute for the Cra…

What Caused The Denver Colorado To Explode In Technology?

Denver, Colorado ~  The Garden of the Gods has prospered thought for the tech savvy community experts today!  What has surged such growth in the Denver, Colorado within the last three years that is causing news reporters to make personal visits to the Mountain State?  Since 2008, Colorado Technical University has made many trips to the Garden of the God Mountains to prepare future workers for tech job growth.  A superior thought has drawn the mapping to locate centrally collaborators such as the University of Colorado to obtain transportation for Fierce Talent outside of Silicon Valley to enter the open door and credit the banks with slopes of Colorado Technology Association experts.
Photo Credits By:  Go Doctorate Go Media / @filthyrich2011

Data-driven startups and in-house training programs have offered recruits to hire veterans and non-veterans to "give back" including KIDS in what is known as KidsTek to pursue a technology career.  So what was the end game from this econo…

Two Years After Eric Garner's Death Social Media Captures Another African American Being Legally Segregated By Death

Harlem, New York ~ The National Action Network opened their doors to the Harlem community on Friday, July 7, 2016, early to find tangible solutions using an open mic think tank session.  Over 200 diverse voices were heard by lawyers, community politicians, and the Fashion industry at the House of Justice, located at 108 West 106th Street, Harlem, NY.  Police accountability was a primary design spoken of and tended by the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who led the Voting Rights Act and the Goal to End Segregation protest in the South.   By legally using voice solutions in a real-time as a strategy spearheaded for Rev. Al Sharpton to force Bills, Boycotting, Education, and Biblical Applications for a stronger religious polity, the key to attacking a new "Jim Crow" in New York is the vision.

The Right to Know Act and Practicing Cop Watch was heavily stressed by the White and Black community to pull the Black economy back together again.  Ed Rush of "Working Families&qu…

Skin Health & Wellness Begins With A Premier Face By "Dead Sea Premier"

New York ~  A picture is worth a thousand words, but a person's face is what defines the experience. Harnessing nature begins with the finest elements.  Without natural elements, one's skin or face over time starts to sag, reveal fine lines, wrinkles, and dull skin with aging. To lift and tighten one's skin to the way it was at birth is a dramatic transformation that requires instant results if you are reaching the age of 40+.

One would ask, "How much does it cost?"  The answer would be around $2,600.00 for a SUPREME Face Lift Kit.  A transformation into the perfect face with completely smooth skin full of nourishment, hydration, and level of protection to seal in natural beauty does not bring peace of mind unless $200 of harmony and $200 of Perfecting Peeling Gel is in the recipe.

Supreme Skincare is every woman's dream and at Premier by Dead Sea Premier your dreams can come true to deliver Prestige into your lifestyle.  According to the geographical pheno…