Harassed In The State Of Colorado? I Thought It Was A Cannabis Tour?

Denver, Colorado ~ The Denver, Colorado Cannabis Tour was an incredible experience for the explorer that loves to hale plants.  People from all walks of life have joined the bus to tour the Great State of Colorado known as the Buffalo.  The tour offers a puff, pass and paint 2-hour session of getting STONED while expressing your best work using oil paint and canvas.  The instructor allows everyone to question the recent legislations on Cannabis and which states are next in line for approving the drug, as well as, express their own thoughts sparked by the instructions of the instructor.

Puff, Pass, and Cook (offered through Eventbrite.com) is another tour that teachings participants how to cook using Cannabis oils and sugars extracted from the plant.  Church goes beware!  There is a new product on the market that can heal the sick and possess an outstanding flavor to go along with the product.  Essential oils or Nutritionals are still a hot commodity today as a substitute for the Craved Oil or Leaf, however, if you are looking to be healed without PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS, then CANNABIS is the way to inquire today.

The third portion of the tour was interrupted by Harassment and Mistaken identity by several New Jerseyans in support of aggressive advocacy which cost me a gash on my back.  As a News Reporter, who came to Colorado to look for opportunity, I never expected to run into my own article about a woman who's husband was choked by the police in New York.  I was told I will die for two White men for writing that story.  I was pointed out to law enforcement for what exactly?  There were only two Blacks attending the tour!  After having a child killed by a Hispanic in 2001, this drew a concern due to the purpose of my tourism (to forget about the death of a loved one).


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