I Am Watching You And I Am Wearing Red!

    Investigative Photo Credits:  Go Doctorate Go Media @filthyrich2011

Since 2001, the man in the picture has been stalking me over a Taxi Service went wrong.  Unlawful touching in the City of East Orange, NJ never gets address correctly for professionals.  Safe streets and sidewalks are not controlled by Gang Members of Cab Drivers today!  Safe streets are funded by governments to promote the correct transportation for licensed individuals to keep your address confidentially safe and not share your safety with gang lurkers who prey on the innocent.

When opting out to take a taxi that mingles with Gang wearing Red inside of driving or walking is probably the safest way to travel today to mitigate risk.  Baggers or Bootleggers outside of hailing a cab to place groceries in your car is not legally registered to a taxi.  Innocent people or guilty people trying to earn extra tax-free money can be the worse reason in allowing one into your privacy space.  Also, make sure that a taxi has one of the following before a stranger lurks into your business after hailing a cab for service:

A working meter
A displayed taxi license
A recognizable and well-known taxi company present
A lighted "taxi" roof sign

If the taxi has or does not have all of the mentioned categories above and a lurker is about, then report your privacy intrusions to the State or Contact a Uber and Lyft because a background check is part of their movement to monitor your safety today!


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