The Mary's Medicinals Transdermal Cannabis Patch Has Arrived!

New York City ~  On June 29, 2016, Mary's Medicinal announced new technology into the market of award-winning programs called the "Mary's Medicinals Patch."  The announcement spearheaded a revolution of tourists to travel to the State of Colorado to transform their spirituality into how people can utilize cannabis in a positive way.  Imagine Cancer, HIV, and AID's patients reaching the utmost potential using a Superior Thought process within their communities accurately to dose patch applications in an advanced delivery method.

The 2 x 2 square patches are available in THC Indica, THC Sativa, THCa, CBN and CBD: THC 1:1.  The piece can be worn and showered in for up to 12 hours for ultimate and instant pain relief.  Unfortunately, the patches are innovated as a canna-based product proprietary in Colorado and expanded only within California, Oregon, Vermont, and Arizona.  As more and more discussions to push the legalization of Cannabis Medicinals, additional states are planning to stock this maricle product throughout 2016 and 2017.  To date the consumer reach for Mary's is in the Mary's Nutritiional form and is offered in CBD products to consumers in all 50 states including Europe and South America as distribution partners.

As a tester of this miracle drug after sustaining a back, neck, and hip injury in 2013, the patches inspired me to travel all the way to Colorado for the $16 dispensary purchase.  The 12 hours of pain free movement reminded me of have access to mental maximum medical freedom.  Unfortunately, I do not live in the State of Colorado, I have only obtained my accredidation in the State and I am doing everything within my power to GET INVOLVED TO LEGALIZE and END PROHIBITION of Natural Medicinal products.  To date, the nervous system and the Cannabis Man has it advantages in aiding Sleep, Reducing Seizures & convulsions, and is a tranquilizing anxiety reliever.


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