Two Years After Eric Garner's Death Social Media Captures Another African American Being Legally Segregated By Death

Harlem, New York ~ The National Action Network opened their doors to the Harlem community on Friday, July 7, 2016, early to find tangible solutions using an open mic think tank session.  Over 200 diverse voices were heard by lawyers, community politicians, and the Fashion industry at the House of Justice, located at 108 West 106th Street, Harlem, NY.  Police accountability was a primary design spoken of and tended by the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who led the Voting Rights Act and the Goal to End Segregation protest in the South.   By legally using voice solutions in a real-time as a strategy spearheaded for Rev. Al Sharpton to force Bills, Boycotting, Education, and Biblical Applications for a stronger religious polity, the key to attacking a new "Jim Crow" in New York is the vision.

The Right to Know Act and Practicing Cop Watch was heavily stressed by the White and Black community to pull the Black economy back together again.  Ed Rush of "Working Families" and Jason Starra, Attorney of the New York Civil Liberties Union pointed towards the focus of Police Statistics and Transparency Act to support "Working Families" in making more informed decisions to practice "Cop Watch" in their neighborhoods.  Social Media applications were also mentioned as the voices touched upon the recent tragedy in Baton Rouge, Lousiana over the recent death of Alton Sterling, 37, killed in the form of electronic communication and delivered to the front page of the next generation microblogging.

Eric Garner's mother, Gwen Carr, Sister, Older Brother and the mother of Ramarley Graham sent a strong message to the sea of advocates and supporters that "the use of force" tactic within their communities as children (Ramarley's little brother) and mother's interact with death will be a continued fight for ALL.  Alleviating poverty within their communities legally segregated by economic neighborhoods is a "money matter" issue that will force Governmental action to end their slavery once recorded by "White Police."  Blacks will not be marked by Civil rights cases or fact-finding segregation cited by Public Housing.  The conditions of Blacks must improve to separate the White Variables from the Black Variables once restrained by slavery and recorded within the "Slave Narratives" in the South.

Mrs. Gwen Carr stated, "It is not the article," it is the support from the community that will make a difference in holding Police Accountable for taking the life of their children.  Mrs. Carr now has two children that stood before her and a memory of one that is instilled in her mind by "I Can't Breathe" eleven times electronically.  As the eve of her son's death approaches on July 17, 2014, the community was requested to stand with her Ramarley Graham, and Sean Bell, and the many other voices lost untimely to the hands of law enforcement to end the psychological damage to the "Black Church."


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