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If "Blue Lives Matter," Then What Happened To New Yorkers?

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Louisiana ~ What is a legacy of money or property that is left to someone in a will if the State of Louisiana does not have a "Blue Lives Matter" Law.  Being the daughter of a former police officer originated out of the State, more literature is needed to protect the rights distinguishable by this law.  Spoken words of a law enforcement officer's daughter in a disposition to protect real and personal property in the month of November 2015, denotes the importance of why legacies are willed to beneficiaries under civil law in countries within and out of the United States.  

Legal rights for the legatee holds somewhat of a different meaning because it is Universal to the successor as a third party, called legatee.So, why all the legacy talk?When the law “Blue Lives Matter” was signed into law stemming from an innocent Sheriff Officer targeted for a Hate Crime, the Governor of Louisiana heightened jail time and fines for o…

What Is Psychological Harassment In Brick City For New Yorkers?

AKA 47s, SWAT Teams, Gang Stalking And Organized Psychological Trauma To Kill

New York City ~ Gang stalking, organized psychological harassment,  poisoning children, and destroying lives by using spy equipment all fails under the definition of “Psychological Terror” today.  What has happened since December 9, 2002, after the police were given a brief case to slavery in Bloomfield, NJ?  An accurate description of what is going on during a gang attack is not for local police departments to gear up of FBI agencies to hide behind their telephones and listen.  The Gang Stalking Environment is real and must be readdressed as a new redesign tool to organizational slavery to patrol the innocent and feed off the higher learning population.

Police accountability has been texted over and over again to gain voice and boycotts within the Black Community to Stop Gangs from harassing the innocent.  Cyber bullying, anonymous hackers into your cellular telephone lines dates back to the War on Drugs wi…

Another Meeting Of The Minds Presents "Politics As Usual"

New York City ~ What does the Celebrity Rappers have to say?  What does the News Reporter have to say?  What do Radio Stations have to say?  What does the Assemblymen have to say?  And most importantly, What does the LAW have to say?  
Politics as Usual II and the War on Drugs is a method that is necessary to use when using rhetoric of war to shape the drug problem that impacts military strategies stemming from the Reagan Administration.  What happen to the constructs?  The African American, Hispanic, and other people of color today since Reagan are still the lens that all Doctorates, Assemblymen, News Reporters, Radio Stations, and the LAW look into for the Past Trends and Goals that still technically did not end the goal of segregation.  It is called the "Crack Epidemic" and it affects every ethinic and recial group still today.  So what is the new movement called today, Civil Rights 2.0?
Voting Rights, Education, Views on the President, Police Brutality, Local Level Impa…

What Is A General Body Meeting For The Voices Of Change?

New York City ~  The New York Association of Black Journalist, is a group of advocates that love to drive their passions using your voices to drive change for Americans today.  The group consist of over 3,300 members to date and is effectively ran by Julie Walker, an award-winning radio, television and print journalist, who works for the Associated Press.  The job, whether paid or unpaid is to produce the news to an audience using one language to drive change.

So, how does one accomplish such a leadership role without being a Servant Leader today as a Journalist and not a Lawyer?  One answer is a collective agreement, a common idea, the right people or advocates, and a general body meeting using New York Chapter Members to make decisions that will expand the National Association of Black Journalist to vote for changes using procedures and Bylaws to keep order for New Yorkers.  So, again, who is this Black role model that leads New York Journalist to set the tone for Parliament?  She …

The Bhang Bhang Experiences Of Legalizing Cannabis Today!

New York City ~  As a Business major accredited out of the State of Colorado, social media is a networking privilege to getting the word out using virtual communication via computer equipment.  Informational education is what computer science and business experts do to assist with the latest technological breakthroughs for the next generation of language speakers.  So, what is the message this blogger is trying to project electronically to the readers?  Bhang!  Bhang! Or Medical Jane Marijuana that has been tested for THC, CBD and other cannabinoids levels extracted in an oil top quality form.

New York and New Jersey are two states that are misunderstood when it comes to the Cannabis Industry due to the overwhelming arrest of what is known as the "illegal pharmacy."  Task force behavior to deprive an approved patient of getting treatment for a human ailment is up for above discussion these days.  And with the discussion voters begin with adult use and possession to legalize…