Another Meeting Of The Minds Presents "Politics As Usual"

New York City ~ What does the Celebrity Rappers have to say?  What does the News Reporter have to say?  What do Radio Stations have to say?  What does the Assemblymen have to say?  And most importantly, What does the LAW have to say?  

Politics as Usual II and the War on Drugs is a method that is necessary to use when using rhetoric of war to shape the drug problem that impacts military strategies stemming from the Reagan Administration.  What happen to the constructs?  The African American, Hispanic, and other people of color today since Reagan are still the lens that all Doctorates, Assemblymen, News Reporters, Radio Stations, and the LAW look into for the Past Trends and Goals that still technically did not end the goal of segregation.  It is called the "Crack Epidemic" and it affects every ethinic and recial group still today.  So what is the new movement called today, Civil Rights 2.0?

Voting Rights, Education, Views on the President, Police Brutality, Local Level Impacts, and Everyday!  "Do You Need The Police?" What is this new PR campaign sold to the public stemming from the War on Drugs?  Are the police accountable for this systematic mental abuse on Professional Public?  Are we at a Barbeque in unfamiliar neighborhoods?  Who's is being targeted under Policing Practices?  Who is communing Football with the local Police Chief today?  Do we have Effective Change under the word "The Law."

What has it come to today when a female is a subjected to Military Weaponry and referred to as a "crackhead" by physically scarring a Black professionals body with Mayhem!  What happened?   

False Preceptions, PR Stunts, Serve & Protect, "The Police?"  Who is the threat today?  The Black Voice is needed today or it is "Politics As Usual ~ Part 3"


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