If "Blue Lives Matter," Then What Happened To New Yorkers?

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Louisiana ~ What is a legacy of money or property that is left to someone in a will if the State of Louisiana does not have a "Blue Lives Matter" Law.  Being the daughter of a former police officer originated out of the State, more literature is needed to protect the rights distinguishable by this law.  Spoken words of a law enforcement officer's daughter in a disposition to protect real and personal property in the month of November 2015, denotes the importance of why legacies are willed to beneficiaries under civil law in countries within and out of the United States.  

Legal rights for the legatee holds somewhat of a different meaning because it is Universal to the successor as a third party, called legatee.  So, why all the legacy talk?  When the law “Blue Lives Matter” was signed into law stemming from an innocent Sheriff Officer targeted for a Hate Crime, the Governor of Louisiana heightened jail time and fines for offenders.  Seeking Justice under Black Lives Matter does not mean to claim justice against the police officers family members.  Why did it take so long to respond to an assault against a law-enforcement officer or even death?  Why was it so vague to protect the police officer when Racial Awareness issues to protect hurt by the police are in effect? 

As a supporter and property owner of a legacy willed down in 1996, movements like this is a legislation gap that brings arguments to the table about “What took so long to save my husband, wife, or child from a retaliatory hate crime similar to the one in Queens, NY when a 9/11 Firefighter lost his daughter to a rapists always watching him.


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