What Is A General Body Meeting For The Voices Of Change?

New York City ~  The New York Association of Black Journalist, is a group of advocates that love to drive their passions using your voices to drive change for Americans today.  The group consist of over 3,300 members to date and is effectively ran by Julie Walker, an award-winning radio, television and print journalist, who works for the Associated Press.  The job, whether paid or unpaid is to produce the news to an audience using one language to drive change.

So, how does one accomplish such a leadership role without being a Servant Leader today as a Journalist and not a Lawyer?  One answer is a collective agreement, a common idea, the right people or advocates, and a general body meeting using New York Chapter Members to make decisions that will expand the National Association of Black Journalist to vote for changes using procedures and Bylaws to keep order for New Yorkers.  So, again, who is this Black role model that leads New York Journalist to set the tone for Parliament?  She is the next generation leader for Forward Thinkers who may not be Journalist by trade, but to help future members with the tools and necessary training for newly proposed ideas and foot soldiers.

It is called the General Body Meeting and the Voices of Change.  As it has been defined by reminders of cases presented to a ministry of restrictive laws only written to protect the world of Freedom of Speech, the First Amendment, and the Improvement of Efficiency in the Journalist Business defended the rights of members only framework.

Join the New York Association of Black Journalist for their General Body Meeting at Black Enterprise, 260 Madison Avenue, 11th Floor, in New York City on September 19, 2016, to collect new reports from members using member positions to understand resolutions to prosper as a Black Journalist or any Journalist today.

Log onto Eventbrite   https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nyabj-september-general-body-meeting-tickets-27056336230   for tickets.  You do not have to be a member to drive change today!  You can be a supporter!


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